Sunday, October 08, 2006

luna-cy on a sunday morning

waning harvest moon over vienna this morning. (click to enlarge)

song of the day: goodnight moon by shivaree


Collin said...

Great photos. We saw it here, too. It's been a weird weekend. I blame the moon. :)

michi said...

it's been a nearly sleepless weekend (practically ruined my sunday, grrr). i blame it on the moon too. she always makes me sleepless, but this time it was five times worse. sigh. i hope your weekend was good though.

thanks for stopping by.


Arlene said...

yeah, i read that the full moon does that to the crazies. on the other hand, i slept like a log.

you really should consider seeing a doctor... i mean before our wedding (i've announced it!)

did you ever notice how moonie sounds so like loonie?


SarahJane said...

how did that moon get attached to the side of that building?