Monday, October 02, 2006

vinegar, fossil, heedless, embroider

these were the words for the latest eclectica word poem challenge where poets are supposed to use all four words in one poem. i was grateful for the inspiration, and eclectica editors apparently liked my resulting poem - the secret meanings of greek letters: iota - enough to publish it in the brand-new issue. of course, this would be half the fun if harlene hang's poems weren't also present in the virtual pages of the magazine. enjoy!

the new challenge words are: bathrobe, plastic, juxtapose, and impediment. check eclectica for guidelines, grab a plastic pen and your muse (in her bathrobe, though other garments should be no impediment), and juxtapose a few ideas on a sheet of paper!

song of the day: gling-gló by bjork


Arlene said...

yay, it's up! thanks for the plug ;)

hmmmm. that's a lot of "h" sounds you added to my name, honey. having a bit of problem with excess gas, huh? teehee.

btw, just finished "lost in a good book" yesterday. i'm off to your well of lost plots. i'm looooooooooving it!!! guffawed/snickered like a maniac. fffforde is a gggggggenius!


p.s. watch it. someone's been spreading indelible lies about you and nate and his first haiku.

michi said...

dear miss "someone", no problem with gas here, excess or lack or whatever.

yes, monsieur fffforde is a genius. i adore the man's imagination. i suppose there is no length problem. i cannot read his books in public, much like most terry pratchett novels, because i keep chuckling and laughing out loud. close escape from the straitjacket once or twice.

oh and re the haikuesque lies (have you noticed what a SHORT form it is, and yet steve mueske called nate BIG BOY over at nate's blog?!) - all i can say is TSK. you are just jealous. to what LENGTHS you go ... amazing. but it was MEMEME whose collarbone he touched, accidentally. AND left thigh. which would never have happened, btw, if you had not pushed the man! ha! :-p


SarahJane said...

Hi Michi -
Congrats on eclectica. I will be over to read your poem as well as Angelo's. Great word choices they've got going.
you're almost done with 30:30!

Arlene said...

yessss, i'm also tickled pink that the jack spratt book is also included in its pre-publication mode in "well of lost plots". just finished laughing myself silly over ibb and obb!

hah! i just ratted on you at nate's blog. **snicker**


Collin said...

Totally off topic, but I love coming to your blog because the first thing I hear is "Static on the Radio." :)