Saturday, September 30, 2006

random stuff

i seem to be over my cold, which is good! the weeks are getting busier, and i don't want to start into next week with its additional evening classes (english) feeling blah.

i have reached day 21 of 30/30. i'll somehow manage the other nine days too, i'm sure.

vii.18 - myspace chat
vii.19 - lester lewis takes inventory after the shipwreck
vii.20 - poetic collaboration
vii.21 - beryllium (be) - twelve signs of the approaching apocalypse
lauren and sharon have finished their rounds (7 and 6 respectively) - congrats!

collaborations with driving miss arly and mr nathan "double entendre" mcclain are going rather well, i find.

i've stocked up on chapbooks (mine, apples for adam) and am swapping with frank matagrano, kristy bowen, and corey mesler, among others. yay!

work on new chapbook manuscripts takes place when i have nothing else to do, which is not very often. question for you out there: are there any chapbook publishers you can recommend? any you have had bad experiences with? i find some of them still refuse to work with writers from overseas, or don't correspond via email, etc which is a hassle.

james reidel's collection of translated thomas bernhard poems, in hora mortis, has arrived. so far, i have only read the translator's foreword but i cannot wait to dip in. i'll certainly have more to say about this. other than that, i am still reading haruki murakami's kafka on the shore. very strange, very intriguing, very good.

our indian summer has been incredibly beautiful. i love it.

election day tomorrow. i don't expect any nice surprises nor happy endings. sigh.

about 25 people are waiting for emails from me. i know. i know.

new summer travel entries posted below. enjoy.

song of the day: this side of the blue by joanna newsom


Lauren Mitchell said...

Hi Michi,

I've heard good things about Pudding House and Finishing Line press. I haven't worked with either, but I have friends who have and seemed happy.

Good luck getting your chapbook published! I, for one, will want a copy.



Cheryl said...

My first chap was pubbed by Finishing Line. They make a nice product, offer a choice of papers and art. And they include a ribbon bookmark. I just did a reading with two other FLP poets, swapped books with them and liked theirs equally well.

michi said...

thanks ladies!

last time i checked pudding house refused to work with overseas writers, but that may have changed.

i hesitate to send to publishers who charge reading fees, esp anything over 5 dollars.

i'll check out finishing line, thanks.


Arlene said...

malinger, i tried with pudding house, too some years ago. the answer was they rarely accepted stuff from overseas... but i could send just the same and pay the reading fee. not very encouraging.

i sent a mss to rubicon press ( but still haven't heard from them. you can give 'em a try. at least they accept stuff via e-mail.

hee. 25 people is quite few. i've lost count of the people waiting for my reply. i think you are one of them. gaak.


lorguru said...

I , for one, can't wait for your next chapbook.

Glad you are feeling better.

You're doing great with no time you'll be done, and have 30 publishable poems. I can't believe I started another round. I'm not sure I'll see this one through. I'll decide before I get too far into it! I have send anything out for a loooong time.