Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SUMMER HOLIDAYS, day 02: first action for feet

tuesday, 15 august. we don't exactly get as early a start as my parents would have wanted to, but eventually we make it out the door, and mom, dad, martin, sepp and i are off to weissensee, a most beautifully situated lake which is lovely all year round. we park the cars and walk towards a place called paterzipf (pater = padre, zipf = point, end, tail, but could also be a slang term for penis, which makes the name a tad funny). from there, we hike up to bodenalm. the headache i woke up with is not getting better, and i am feeling really faint somewhere along the way, but after some rest, it does improve. it's quite warm, especially when the sun comes out and we are not walking among trees. we stop at the hut at bodenalm to get something to drink, and also a bite to eat – from kaiserschmarren to huge slices of bread with bacon, or bacon & eggs.

mom & dad at bodenalm

cowbells tinkle faintly, bees buzz, the sun's out … pretty much the holiday feeling!

we take a different path back down, through the forest, across meadows. wonderful for hiking. once we have reached the lakeshore, nobody can stop my mom and me from taking off our shoes and socks and bathing our feet in the pleasantly cool water. perrrrfect! the men are all either too lazy or too scared of water to join us.

weissensee, near paterzipf

back at the carpark, we say goodbye to my family for now, but not, as it turns out, for long.

sepp and i set up our tent at the campsite in techendorf, the main settlement along the shore of weissensee. apparently the bread with loads of bacon was a little much for my stomach, i feel sick and don't fancy a big dinner, but sepp's seriously hungry. he gets what he wants at the restaurant around the corner, before we retire to our "suite". some time during the night, i wake up because it is raining quite hard, and i will the weather gods to stop that nonsense and let the sun out come morning …

pictures of day 02 (and 01)


thea said...

nice pics... love the lake shore.. gee ur parents surely look different now.

Here and Now said...

genuis that I am, I just sent myself an email through your website.just call me techno.

anyway, great pictures, looks like a terrific holiday.


Ani said...

hey michi,
love the music here.
waiting to see more pics but already looks like you had a beautiful time.

jenni said...

another gorgeous photo at the bottom (other one is nice too but I love landscapes).