Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SUMMER HOLIDAYS, day 01: archibald. sir archibald

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okay, first couple of days of the trip. i'll add some every day or every other day until it's all done, but i will also post other stuff if there is anything to tell. enjoy.
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monday, 14 august. 1pm. we are supposed to pick up a small renault megane at schwechat airport, but they don't have any cars left in that category, therefore we get a sport tourer, the biggest car we have ever rented. a diesel. black. quite impressive. it is clear immediately that this one will need a different name than last year's little vw polo called WUZ (after his number plate; pronounced "woots"). sepp suggests archibald. sir archibald. yes, but that is not enough. flanagan, the surname to go with it. but even so, a second and third given name are needed. so, eventually, we settle on sir archibald bartholomew chesterfield flanagan, hoping that after a while, when we have gotten to know each other a bit, he might let us call him "archie". and he does.

once we have figured out how to start the car without a key (instead, we have a kind of plastic card), we are on our way south. while vienna is sunny, 100 km south it is raining. the weather forecast is nothing to get excited about either. but still, we are hoping for the best.

we stop once along the way, and arrive at my parents' in spittal an der drau early that evening. dinner (kaerntner nudel and kletzennudel - aaahhh!), catching up with mom, dad, granny, and my youngest brother martin, and before we know it, it's midnight and time for bed.

pictures of day 01 (and 02)

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