Saturday, September 02, 2006

six things

annette tagged me, so here are

six things you may not have known about me

i've been kind of wanting a tattoo for about fifteen years now, but i can never decide what to get. i keep going from some japanese character to something celtic to the @ character (which would make sense for an internet junkie like me), and the latest idea is to get a bar code, with my birth date for numbers (2 1 1 1 1 9 7 1). ask me again in five years. ;)

i have a little scar on my forehead from when a schoolmate accidentally hit me with a table tennis bat during our one-month stay at an english boarding school in 1988.

i travelled australia on my own for half a year after high school one of the best things i ever did. during that trip i worked as a bean-picker in mildura, victoria.

little did i know that a girl's almanac my mother gave me one christmas (or birthday?) would change my life: a poem by a young girl that was printed in the book, inspired me to sit down and write my first poem, which may not have been very good, but it was the start of something that has never stopped. over 20 years later, i am still writing.

my first publication was a poem about autumn, written partly during a geography lesson, which made it into the top 100 poems (out of over 10000) of a german magazine called maedchen (=girl). i think i was 17 at the time.

i share a birthday with bjork, goldie hawn, voltaire, rené magritte and arthur quiller-couch. they're all older than me though. ;)

and now i get to tag six people!
arlene, sarah, sharon, nate, jenni, nicole.
but i am not saying no to anybody else who wants to do it! :)

song of the day: jenny lewis with the watson twins - big guns

And I've won hundreds at the track
But I'm not betting on the afterlife


nate said...

Aaaaaawwwwwww, you got me! Okay, I'll dig out my little black box of secrets and... you know...

Great to have you back in the blogosphere, Michi!

lorguru said...

welcome home!
great to have you back.

Arlene said...

oh, this is fun! i'll have to think about all my little secret sins and virtues. i have them, you know, sins — though it seems improbable.

a tattoo? rather masochistic. personally, i prefer to have my ears pierced some more.

and yes, it would be fun to do the collab contest. i'm doing it with valerie, too. hope it's okay to enter twice for me. will check it out with the admin.


p.s. for your information, your nasty insinuations about my driving fell on my half-deaf ear. i know i'm a bomb, even when i drive. hah!

michi said...

i am rather more surprised, my dear arnelle, that you have virtues. or that you even know how to spell that word. but be that as it may.

i have got my ears pierced six times - 4 left, 2 right, that is enough. and my nose, too, though not six times.

okay let me know about the contest.

and re driving ... yeah you rock. and you roll. one way or another.


Arlene said...

tsk. for your infermation, i can beet you at arny speling bee contest. i can spel virtues, my deer. but i betting you can't spel "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" (fancy name for black lung disease) even if your lief depended on it. **sneaker**

hee. i thought you were about to say you pierced your nose 6 times. i was ready to believe it, too. for your christmas present, i will pierce your nose for you through photoshop. **wicked grin**

re my driving. you make me sound like a barrel. the yo-ho-ho-and-a-bottle-of-rum type. snort.


megalopoet said...

tagged, like such the wild animal...
is tracking device and system now firmly in place?
shall i call you marlin perkins?

bar code, indeed! i think it's spanky. creepy, too. but, yes, i like bc tats.

i thought about copying your scintillating data, since it's so much better than my own. i is book, open, page 14.

michi said...

oh come on, airline, you have MET me! surely even you would have noticed a nose pierced six times!

oh and as for that word there, or what you claim is a word: pah! everyone can find something like that on the net and copy and paste it!

ho ho ho and a bottle of rum indeed.

nicole - on page 14, the book says: "i am full of secrets." go figure.

Arlene said...

to be honest, i don't even remember that you had your nose pierced. you should use a larger gem, at least the size of a dime. otherwise i'll never notice. you know i'm rather hard to seeing.

airline! unbelievable, it must be a conspiracy. my german naturopath uses the word "airline" to recall my name. he even writes it, with a flourish, as arline. he always looks so happy and smug about remembering its spelling that i don't have the heart to correct him. hee.

"isrpxkbf" — try to spel that if you dayr.


michi said...

ravine or whatever your name is, you can see my nose stud in my profile pic. :)

tee-hee re arline. :) such a difficult name. makes me want to give my own kids names like A, B, and C. cannot get much wrong there.

cilobr, you know.