Thursday, August 31, 2006

back in the vienna groove ...

... or not quite. but - back we are. though i don't think i want to be. bit tired today, as i slept less than 5 hours last night - we stayed up late with our friends near graz. the weather was appalling when we got back to vienna with good old sir archibald bartholomew chesterfield flanagan (our rental car, you've got to have some style, don't you) - cold and rainy, though the sun is shining now. the plants on the balcony are thriving, it seems. there are about 15 tomatoes waiting to be eaten with mozzarella and basil tonight!

i am immensely proud of myself for not being tempted to seek out internet shops during the trip, and for not feeling the need to enter when we happened to pass one. anyway, i still wish that the first email i read at home had contained better news - the class i was supposed to teach next week had to be cancelled, which means five weeks without any income, which is a bit tough.

there'll be lots of travel pics and texts of our 18 days out there (not quite doing all of what we had intended or vaguely planned to do, but that's alright) over the next days and weeks. no poems though, i did not get around to writing one line.

you'll be pleased to see that i occasionally got something to eat along the, well, way:

i hope all's well with everyone. i'll stop by your blogs asap.


AHHH but i HAD TO edit this first post-holiday note and add the GOOD news i received a little later this afternoon:

all five poems i submitted to wicked alice for their all alice issue have been accepted - the new issue is scheduled to be published in the second half of september.

and the hiss quarterly editors have informed me that my poem solitaire, published in their nc-17 issue, has been nominated for inclusion in sundress press' best of the net anthology.

so, double YAY! :)

song of the day: ace frehley - new york groove


Arlene said...

yay!! you're back!!!!! missed you and your craziness, wench.

CONGRATULATIONS on the acceptances. and an extra wheeee! for wicked alice... i'll be seeing you there.

got the postcard and the ffffffforde book. thank you!!!

and believe it or not, while you've been gone, my driving has improved. really. i mean, seriously. you know i never lie about these things.


michi said...

ms ang - i can tell you now: we were, like, soooooo close to venice. really close. close enough to pop by and see you, actually. and then i got scared. i thought: what if she is having one of her driving lessons? what if she cannot control that ... horse carriage or rickshaw or whatever she is learning to drive? and i advised sepp to stay well away from venice. which is why we are still alive now, i suppose.

i read your news on your blog, most of the last entries. saw you started another round at ITWS, which you always do once i am away. ;)

are you participating in their contest? perhaps we should enter our collaboration. :)

see you around, crazy one!

m x

megalopoet said...

EGGcellent news, darling! so very nice and makes up a bit for that nasty first e-mail.

yes, i commiserate with the several weeks sans pay. that's the academic's life though.

can't wait to read all about your continentals. and incidentals. and mentals.

jumping for rvjymfoy!

SarahJane said...

Hi Michi -
Great to see you back! Hope you had a terrific trip. Did you eat that juicy cactus?
Congrats on Hiss and Wicked Alice!

raining here too, kind of.

michi said...

the question, sarah, is: did that juicy cactus eat me? or even: did that cactus eat juicy old me? *G*

thanks for stopping by!

no rain here today, perfectly sunny and very warm, about 27C! we would have needed that kind of weather a little earlier, in the mountains!


Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations on the poems Michi. That's impressive.

lorguru said...

woa! hooray on the poetry news!
And welcome back!
Glad you enjoyed your vacation.
look forward to more pics!

Collin said...

Welcome back! I'm about to dive in and catch up on all your posts since you've returned.