Thursday, September 07, 2006



the good thing is, today it is actually OKAY if you just do what you want. and you are always right, no matter what. and you can eat tons of chocolate. and drink all the bubbly you can get your hands on. and flirt with some gorgeous italian men.

enjoy the day & rock on!


Arlene said...

thanks, sweetums!! got the card and the subtle warning about candles on the birthday cake. i've got the baking soda handy.

not sure i want to eat chocolate. my choco easter egg is from two years ago and all dusty by now. with bugs.

and personally i prefer to flirt with ugly italian men. possibly one-eyed and hunchbacked. i hate competition, you know.

oh. great news! i got the go ahead on the collab contest. we can play together... as long as i get to hit you in the eye first. bwuaaaahaaaaahaaa!


michi said...

i should have sent you some NEW and yummy chocolate then, huh? without bugs.

ugly italian men, okay, whatever. have it your way. :)

okay re the contest ... what do we do? do we do anything?


SarahJane said...

well, that cat's out of the bag. how old is arlene, though? 18? 15? 26? 31? 74? 41? geez, do tell.
smile (&happy birthday arlene)

michi said...

okay - how much is this info worth, do you think, sarah? ;)

pekibou (word verif.),


megalopoet said...

this music on your blog is sooo delightful! i may never listen to me own again.

by jovvbqou!
isn't dearest arlenia possibly older than my dirt floor?

Arlene said...

i can't believe you're selling out on me while i'm dead drunk, michi.

what do we do for the contest? let me get back to you on that after hangover. hee.

as for my age, you nosy people. the teenish gals at the driving school thought i was their age. 18-nish. hee. hope it's not because i look retarded or anything like that.

a hint: michi, at any rate, is OLDER than me. snickersnicker.


michi said...

the fact that arlene is dead drunk after approx one glass of red, could mean that
a) she is only about 7 and not used to alcohol yet
b) she is at least 93 and not used to alcohol anymore
c) she is something in between and is trying to drown her grief about ageing, realising she is not 18-ish any longer

speculates the old austrian bag.
who, of course, knows how old arlene is. or claims to be.

Carl Bryant said...

Teasing the elderly is an evil thing to do, Michi.

I'm glad I'm not the person teasing that poor old lady.

I got yer back, Arlene.

Happy Birthday!

michi said...

carl, i am at least a few years elderlier than ms arrrrlean there. i am entitled to teasing her, though perhaps not really ancient people like you. ;)

lorguru said...

I'm way too old to hang out here!
Glad to find out it is baby arlene's b-day. I feel bad I didn't catch her "I'm about to get drunk" hint at 30:30.