Friday, September 08, 2006

SUMMER HOLIDAYS, day 04: the glorious return of summer

thursday, 17 august. ahhh! that's more like it! sunshine! blue sky! no drip-drip sounds, no wet shoes, no puddles around the tent. so today's the day to do what we'd planned for the previous day: we take the chair lift up to naggler alm from techendorf, which is nice, and then we have to choose which way to go. we decide to hike to kohlroeslhuette, and off we go. it's not a difficult hike or anything, quite pleasant, of course going uphill all the time but nothing too steep. the sun is out most of the time, but clouds do move in at times.

lots of mountain bikers along the way, surprisingly no tourists with sandals and other scandalous footwear (you wouldn't believe the things you see in the mountains!), quite a few germans and italians, eg this italian couple with a little boy called ricardo, who seems to have quite a will of his own. when we meet them again later, his father is carrying him on his back, and ricardo keeps going "vroom! vroom!" urging his daddy on. tee-hee.

we don't stay at koehlroeslhuette - too many people, and anyway, we have brought our own food, so we find a nice place somewhere and have our sandwiches. i'd hoped i could stretch out in the sun a while and read, but just when we are having our lunch break, the sun disappears behind big grey clouds, and the wind gets a bit chilly too. so we take a different route back to naggler alm, this time we are not following the dirt road, but descending on a narrow path that cuts across the woods. lots of potential stumblestones (roots, etc) there, but even i manage to avoid them! *G*

at naggler alm, we stop for something to drink and lovely blueberry cake. we sit in the sun a while, though not too long - more clouds are on their way. time to go, and since sepp is developing blisters, we choose not to take the steep but quick descent to techendorf (which we have done before), but to follow the dirt road. takes a while, but we get there eventually.

nice day, all in all - some lovely views, and also some peace and quiet.

we are determined to do something similar the day after, because, after all, the forecast is going on about summer! summer! summer!

pictures of day 04


jenni said...

That last pic just took my breath away. Stunning. You should write a travel memoir about the experience!

lorguru said...

oh yes...stunning pic. I'm going to check them all out now.
Thanks for sharing.
(now I want some of that blueberry cake!)

lorguru said...

just saw the pics...lots of fun and beauty.
I'm just wondering if Piggy...lunch means that piggy was your lunch, or he was eating his!