Sunday, July 16, 2006

a link, two lives, three random things

a link for music fans - fabchannel, videos of concerts at paradiso and melkweg, amsterdam (eg arcade fire)

two lives, a beautiful flower and an insect that appears to be crawling towards a tunnel of light:

first random thing: we've got ants everywhere every day in the kitchen. they are driving me crazy.

second random thing: i am reading (among other things), the poet's companion, by kim addonizio and dorianne laux. only just finishing the first chapter though. have any of you read it? thoughts?

third random thing: my toenails are orange.

song of the day: mario lanza's terrific version of o sole mio


SarahJane said...

love that photo. the petals almost look like fabric.

i have a copy of that book. it is okay, not sensational. everything helps. that one is a bit, um, girlie.


lorguru said...

I just realized that I still did not get the book I ordered way back after taking Sarah's quiz. I did get a notification from Amazon asking me if I still wanted it, even though it was taking so long, but then it never did show up.
On a more randome note, my toenails are presently purple!

jenni said...

What a gorgeous flower!

I've read it -- some good basic craft stuff -- but I have sort of a problem with "rule" books -- I mean ALL of my favorite poems break every rule in that book. But I suppose once you learn them, then you can break them.

I like Ezra Pound's ABC of Reading for craft books. Another good one is Roethke's Craft book. William Packard has a good one -- "The Art Of Poetry Writing" -- Stephen Dobyns has a good one -- "Best Words, Best Order" -- Another favorite of mine isn't specifically for poetry, but it applies to ALL writing and is called, "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser.

nate said...

"Best Words, Best Order" rocks!!! The other book ("Poet's Companion") is okay, and I like the authors quite a bit, but nothing real spectacular for me...

random thing: I have no toenails... :-)

I've got ants too. They swarmed a hot and spicy Cheez-It cracker my daughter dropped...

random thing: I tend to type faster in the nude... wierd, huh?

michi said...

thanks for your comments, everyone!

sarah - doesn't it just look like fabric? i just had to take a pic. i adore those things. you should get some for next year. i checked my package, it says the seeds need to be planted between april and june.

lauren - i waited ages for my stanley kunitz collection. i thought they had forgotten, because when i checked my amazon account it said "article will be shipped ... " and a date that was long past.

jenni - i guess i bought it for the ideas, not so much for rules. thanks for all the tips.

nate - and did you type that comment very fast or very slowly? ;) no toenails huh? did you bite them off?


atiah said...

i love the blue flower. It's so beautiful!

lorguru said...

on a side note to nate...
If you get behind on correspondence at work, you may want to try a different method!!!

Good luck michi and nate on getting rid of the little pests!

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

I've used The Poet's Companion in creative writing classes. It can be a helpful tool. I liked the example poems, in particular.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...


For some reason, my e-mails to you keep returning with an error message. I'm not sure what's causing the problem. But I wanted to let you know that the Criterion Collection is planning an October release of the collectors' edtion of Sweetie. The set includes a number of special features, including some of Campion's early films.