Tuesday, July 18, 2006

orange, andrea spittal, heat

how many feet? i'll tell you how many. on the other hand - no i won't. you can count them:

here's a fun little thing i found at sarah's blog - do join in if you like.

1) Your Rock Star name: Montag Buerger

(the name of first pet with your current street name)

! never had a pet; thought for a bit and remembered montag (that's monday) - a goat that used to beg for goodies during our stay in our little house in the mountains one year when i was a kid; since we first saw the goat on a monday, the name was easily decided on

2) Your Movie Star name: Elfriede Drageekeksi

(first name of your paternal grandfather/grandmother & your favorite candy)

3 Your Fly Girl/Guy name: m-gab

(first initial of your first name with the first 2 or 3e letters of your last name)

4) Your Detective name: Dolphin Orange

(favourite animal and favourite colour)

5) Your Soap Opera name: Andrea Spittal (or: Andrea Spittal-an-der-Drau)

(middle name and the city where you were born)

6) Your Star Wars name: Gab Sch Mon

(first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of your mom's maiden name, & first 3 letters of your pet's name)

! jeeeeez. gabschmon? how … er … sexy. not.

8) Your Porn Star name: Andrea Tiroler

(middle name, father's middle initial, and the street you grew up on)

! dad has no middle name. initial of his first name would be W.

9) Your Superhero name: The Orange Bim (or Tram, or Train, or U-Bahn …)

('The', your favourite colour, and the automobile you drive)

! i have no car. "bim" is an austrian term for tram – we are very fond of those things here.

10) Your Ghetto name: MiNiquaNone

(first 2 or 3 letters of your first name, -Shawn/Quan/Quita/Niqua, last name of whatever President or Prime Minister is on the currency you have in your pocket)

! no head on the austrian euro. and i checked, i have no foreign euro coins in my pocket just now
it's hot here, and getting hotter ... ugh. enough! enough already! who needs 35C (95F) in a place like vienna??

song of the day: REM - orange crush


lorguru said...

first of all, very groovy picture. Have you been playing with photoshop, or do you have an odd deformity you've been hiding form us?

I like some of your names...I'd buy a Montag Buerger CD! Sure!!!!

michi said...

lauren - it's one of the flowers i'Ve been, er, working on ... call me ms frankenstein! ;)

montag buerger, eh? it's actually spelled bürger in german, with an ü like you find in turkish everywhere! :)


C. E. Chaffin said...

I'm avoiding you test, although my superhero name would be "The Orange Voyager," which I think is cool.

SarahJane said...

Andrea Tiroler is a very hot name. Woo hoo - cow bells and lederhosen.

And I like the Orange Bim. I never heard "Bim" before. Cute.

Carl Bryant said...

Love the picture - but I admit I was too lazy to count the feet. I'll wait for someone else to post the answer.

My porn star name is Wayne B. Dandy. That's not likely to get me any work in the macho man porn world.

Oh, well - thank god for gay porn.

michi said...

the orange voyager is very coooool, mr chaffin. :)

sarah ... naaaaaahhhhh. that name sucks, andrea tiroler.

carl - the correct answer is 7,3, but don't ask me why. wayne b dandy indeed! ha! *cracking up*


atiah said...

very nice feet picture!

nate said...

Okay, Michi, I'll play:

1) Your Rock Star name: Grizzly Ivanpah.

Golden Retreiver... best dog in the world...

2) Your Movie Star name: Ted Snickers

3 Your Fly Girl/Guy name: N-M.C.

4) Your Detective name: Dog Blue

5) Your Soap Opera name: Harold Los Angeles

6) Your Star Wars name: McC Ble Non

8) Your Porn Star name: Harold H. Old Dale

(though, if I had my way, I'd call myself "Buck Naked")

9) Your Superhero name: The Blue Lincoln.

10) Your Ghetto name: Naquita Washington

(I think I actually know a chick with this name... HA!!)