Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tennis, plants, and me

forgot to mention last time that the french open started on sunday! my favourite tennis tournament of the year! haven't caught too many matches yet, but just finished watching a very plucky performance by frenchman marc gicquel against german nicolas kiefer. unfortunately kiefer (whom i can't stand!) won - 11:9 in the fifth set! i look forward to seeing more tennis on the weekend - playing seems out of the question with the weather being horribly cold, windy, and often rainy (though not at the moment - blue skies, but still cold.)

dushevina vs mauresmo

quick plant update: i hope none of my darlings will die, the temperatures are shocking, especially at night!
this one's about to bloom:



tomatoes and carrots

and here are a couple of pics of me - not sure when i will blossom, because, quite frankly, the cold temperatures are getting to me! :) oh and they may just be the slightest bit digitally enhanced. ;)

collage collage!


song of the day - athlete's twenty-four hours


Anonymous said...

eh supah!

rae said...

LMAO on the *slightest bit digitally enhanced*. The garden is coming along quite nicely, Michi.

mhmbuyu- I think that means I like your pics.

Arlene said...

hope your plants get through the cold! i used to take mine indoors at night and during storms... but we both know how *mine* ended up. it's been rainy here as well. brrr.

you look great in the pics! makes me want to hug you... but i just celebrated my 20th day in 30:30 and am roaring drunk. teehee.


lorguru said...

Hi michi! Great pics. I've been watching some of the open, too. Watched Federer vs. some Argentinian guy I never heard of before (ranked 157). And a little of nervous wreck Roddick today.
I noticed your weather pixie has been bundling up! Sorry about the weather. I think your plants will make it. I have no idea why, I just do!!!

michi said...

hi all, thanks for stopping by! even my husband, mr anonymous, left a comment!
can you tell i love playing around with photoshop? *L*
arlene - tee-hee! you ARE weird! wanting to hug me, very strange indeed. do you want to talk about it? *LOL* and what will ethel say?
lauren, i saw some of the federer match too. nadal will be the one to beat though, this year. i hope you are right about my plants, i've taken the newly seeded sunflower inside, just to make sure.


SarahJane said...

it's cold as can be here too! my mother is visiting from NJ where it's 90 degrees F, so she's a bit shell-shocked.
Love your photos. You're beautiful, enhanced or unenhaned! Your garden looks like it's thriving and today is supposed to be the last of the cold days, at least up here.