Monday, May 29, 2006

ethel, rain, and a confirmation

before arlene tells me off for not posting the second ethel poem, here it is:

Angela follows Ethel's call

The dark moon drops into Angela's dreams.
Shadows leap onto her walls, limbs twitching,
frantic as Namarrgon's cloud of grasshoppers,
antennae getting tangled in her heavy hair.

The memory of a name swirls in her belly
as she wakes. On her tongue, two syllables
sucked dry and the metallic tang of woman.
Echoes of tobacco whisper on her breasts,

mingle with the dampness of her sheets,
invoke the outline of a most unlikely face:
Ethel. Like a tired clockwork, Angie's fingers
stop their blissful dance beneath the quilt.

She turns on the light, plucks seven sweet
grapes in the kitchen, but that face won't go
away: Ethel's eyes like fires under a dripping
crimson moon, lips frozen in the shape of an O.

Sounds reverberate through Angie's head,
sounds she's never heard that woman make,
deep and throaty as didjeridoos. In tall grass,
Ethel becomes the rolling, greedy surf.

Afterwards, she smells like an iron red desert.
so there. i'll try to follow this up with more ethel tales.

sepp left for his parents' in upper austria on thursday, and i followed on friday, straight after work. the weather forecast was not good, but we did not want to postpone the visit again, so we took a chance. and we got rain, rain, then some showers, a bit of a drizzle on the side, followed by downpours, and the occasional dry spell in which clouds moved in to bring some moisture. shame, really. the countryside (as you can see below) is really beautifully green and i would have loved to go for a couple of longer walks, but no such luck.

it did clear up on saturday afternoon, but i had the most terrible migraine and spent several hours inside, lying down with my eyes closed. i hate it when that happens, especially since it was the only chance for some outdoor activities! but i was in real pain, feeling as if my brain would be squeezed out through my nostrils ... ugh. not nice.

here are a few pics sepp took:

lots happening on the balcony - a few marigolds will bloom soon! i'll post more pictures soon.

i just took another one of those blogthings tests - which language should i learn? and i am so relieved that the result was - SWEDISH! good thing i am already learning that; saves me signing up for another class!
Fantastisk! You're laid back about learning a language - and about life in general. Peaceful, beautiful Sweden is ideal for you... And you won't even have to speak perfect Swedish to get around!

and just in case you were wondering - if i were a mixed drink, i'd be a strawberry daiquiri. very yummy, that is. ;)

and if i ever have a band, it will - of course - be called The Blowup Goldfish. i actually like that. now all i need is the band ...

song of the day: it's raining again - supertramp. because, unfortunately, it is.


Arlene said...

terrific poem, mike! indolent and sensual just as i like my capuccino froth on ethel's mustache.

sorry to hear about the migraine! god, don't you hate it when that happens?

teehee, these blog quizzes are addicting, aren't they? i'm a martini -- which makes me a total lush (whatever that means). and i'd be perfect for a band called The Ketchup Soaked Nuns.

supertramp??!! they're still --like, erm-- alive? in my brother's LPs, they were located beside led zeppelin.


rae said...

omigosh, I've always wanted to be in a band. pick me, pick me!!!!!!!! I can't play any instruments but I can stand there and look total rock and roll.

lorguru said...

Thanks for making me remember supertramp! Man, I forgot that band.

Great poem, and beautiful pics of upper Austria. I'm so sorry you didn't get to really enjoy. Poor head of yours!

I tried one of those blog quizzes following Arlene's link, but instead of finding out how weird I am, I think I ended up enrolling myself in Kaplan online university! Yeeks! (I guess that's my answer!)