Wednesday, May 17, 2006

an acceptance note, a cento, and three packages

it's been a good day - after a bad night (couldn't sleep until about 1.30, kept waking up), i found an acceptance note from flashquake in my inbox - including short comments from the editors (which is cool). my poems after the shipwreck and dream in c major will be published in their summer issue. getting published in this case also means a check, and a cd version of the site. the editor, debi orton, even apologised for being a day late with the acceptance note (not that i'd noticed)! wow.

submission sent: 10 april 2006
acceptance note received: 17 may 2006

started writing another cento yesterday, inspired by listening to belle & sebastian for a couple of hours. made a minor change today, but here it is, rachel (she challenged / tagged me). not that it makes that much sense ...

"This is no declaration, I just thought I'd let you know goodbye", said the hero in the story

lovesick on a sunny afternoon, lisa's kissing men like a long
walk home, kissing girls in english, at the back of the stairs.
she dreamt about the girl who stole a horse, saint theresa's
calling her, the church up on the hill is looking lovely:

     you are the girl left on the shelf, your diary's
     looking like a bible with its verses lost in time
     you'll read it in a book, you'll read it in a book tonight

on saturday I was an angel shining fair,
you shone louder, longer, you put my shine to shame.
but there is too much history, too much biography between us.
a hand over my mouth, a hand over the window:

     don't look back, like dylan in the movies
     cause the other boys are queuing up behind us
     you are looking at the working week in the eyes of a gigolo

rain washing against the lonely tenement,
the woodland spring will put the darkness from your thinking,
with a star upon your shoulder lighting up the path that you walk;
tenderly you turn the light off in your room.

album: if you're feeling sinister
title: get me away from here i'm dying
stanza 1: mayfly, like dylan in the movies, the stars of track and field, judy and the dream of horses, if you're feeling sinister
stanza 2: mayfly, the fox in the snow
stanza 3: the boy done wrong again, me and the major, seeing other people
stanza 4: like dylan in the movies, seeing other people
stanza 5: get me away from here i'm dying, the boy done wrong again, judy and the dream of horses, like dylan in the movies

i hope i met all the guidelines!

when i came home, i found THREE packages in my mailbox, instead of only junk mail. :)

package 1 contained collin kelley's chapbook Slow To Burn - i look forward to reading it!

package 2 contained a nice surprise from allen itz - a cd with music co-produced by his son, chris, who also plays bass on it: andre lamar - remember. i'm listening to it as i write. -- thank you so much, allen!

package 3 contained my very own Dr Raul Thornbush, an orange bunny knitted by sharon, who was kind enough to offer making me one when i left an "awww! i want one too!" note on her blog a while ago. can you figure out why on earth i'd call a knitted bunny Raul Thornbush? ;) i'll post a picture as soon as i have one. he'll get to sit with constanze, an aussie ex-pat. -- thank you, sharon! you rock!

so, michi's also a happy bunny now. and the downpour has stopped, too, and the sun's out. :)

song of the day: kaizer's orchestra - maestro.


Lauren Mitchell said...

Congrats Michi on the publication! Let me know when it's in print : )

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Michi, I'm glad the bunny made it safely, and very pleased to learn his true identity! I was also thrilled to find out that two of the poems I helped choose for Flashquake were yours - congratulations!! Sounds like you're having a great day. You deserve it!

michi said...

thanks lauren!

sharon - he looked very well, dr thornbush. :) the pic will be up soon, i'm sure, if only i remember to bring sepp's camera over to my place. i 'd been thinking about a name for the bunny, and then i thought i might try an anagram - the anagram finder came up with that, and i decided not to look any further. :)
thanks re flashquake. i'm happy to he part of the zine and look forward to the issue!


rae said...

I just realized that I posted my comment to your cento in the post below. Total blonde moment.

tagysqd - that means you were tagged!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on Flashquake, Mich & good bunny -news!