Friday, May 19, 2006

vienna views, bunny's whereabouts, plants again

yay! vienna lit has accepted "one of my texts" for their anthology, vienna views, due out in october. now the only thing i would like to know is which of the poems i sent will be published. i sent an email to find out, because i would like to submit the other works elsewhere. but i am happy! there'll be a vienna lit festival in october where, among other things, the anthology will be presented. i'll keep you posted.

here are a couple of pictures of dr raul thornbush, so sharon knows where he lives now, and who he's hanging out with. he is surrounded by books, music, and has a bottle of port within his reach, so it can't be too bad a place. ;)

dr raul thornbush and his new friend constanze

michi kisses dr raul thornbush

another update on the balcony - unbelievable how fast everything's growing! we've already eaten 10 radishes, and today i saw that a few of the marigolds already have tiny little buds! :)

song of the day: jane siberry - bound by the beauty.

editing in, i am tempted to change it to lordi's hard rock hallelujah which just won the eurovision song contest. *LMAO* FINLAND ROCKS!


rae said...

OMG - dr raul thornbush is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pris said...

Congratulations!! And I love your photos. It's nice to see your face and the view just inside AND through your window!

michi said...

rachel - isn't he just? sharon cannot only write cool things, she can also knit them! :)

pris - thanks! these are two different places actually, the bunny is at my place, and the balcony at my husband's flat. :)


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hey Michi! We just got back from the beach (Dennis made it!!) and I had to get over here and see the pictures. I'm so glad Dr. Raul Thornbush has such a wonderful companion to share his days! He looks very happy.

This exchange of poems for knitting has started me thinking - uh oh, dangerous, I know. I'm mulling over a 'knit for lit' exchange program. What do you think? I may post something on my blog about it in the next couple of weeks. For now, though, I have to go crash - it's been a LONG weekend for all of us.

michi said...

sharon - congrats to your husband! well done!

raul and constanze make a bit of an odd couple, but they look happy. not sure what they do when the lights are out, or when i am not home, but in a way i'd be curious to see what their offspring look like! *LOL*

knit for lit, that sounds like a good idea. though i am not sure amazon would agree. ;) i think you should post a note on your blog and see what people think.

and of course, don't forget the knit lit project, knitted poetry. ;)


jenni said...

congrats on the acceptance! you're on a roll. yes, my garden is growing like crazy too. it's very exciting.

michi said...

jenni - yes i love watching it all grow. last year was such a bad year - i think the soil was no good, and spring was so late. m

lorguru said...

congrats on all your great news...I read about flashquake too. How wonderful!
I'll have to get a pic of my garden to post on my blog.
I'll check back soon...I'm sure you'll be getting another acceptance in no time!

Lauren Mitchell said...


I just wanted to pop in to congratulate you! Also, love the photos : )

michi said...

hello laurens,

thanks for stopping by!

and lauren g: yes, yes, pictures!!