Saturday, April 01, 2006

tired, rejected, and published

so this has not been my week, no, it hasn't. i feel like i've been tied into approximately 27 knots and left like that for about 13 hours. does it sound uncomfortable? good. *L*

the good news is that i have three poems published in the new issue of unlikely 2.0:
how to behave in someone else's dream
(part of that loooong rules series)
conversation with a tea mug
(the first of the kitchen utensil conversations)
grado, 1951
(for my father)

eclectica is supposed to go online this weekend with one of my poems, Nigel Is Fuming. i wrote it for their word challenge.

FRiGG sent a rejection note on thursday, telling me that

Because we receive many more submissions than we can publish, invariably we must return many well-written poems.
maybe next time.

here's an excerpt from one of my latest poems, inspired by the arcade fire song whose lyrics i posted earlier. (i had to delete the rest as the poem is under consideration for publication.)
Dreams feed on the after-image of your
smile shivering across the canvas of my
eyelids, like sleepers seen from hurried
trains. There is no room for maybes,
they starve like undernourished flames.

song of the day: the walkabouts, solex in a slipshod style, brilliant cover version.


rae said...


sorry to hear about your rejection from Frigg.

The lyrics you picked are perfect.

michi said...

rachel - i'll live. i'm sure. i'll start eating again tomorrow and let adam green cheer me up. :)


SarahJane said...

Hey -
congrats on the acceptances.
hope things pick up. it is tell-a-lie day, which is i believe sponsored by Phillip Morris.

nate said...

Hey, Michi! I've congratulated you on your recent acceptances... I'm sorry to hear about FRIGG... keep trying them! I'm sure you'll get in! And thanks for stopping by the blog... I appreciate tht good words!

word verification "pmkvuaik"? What in the world is that??

michi said...

i think it is involuntary napping in the afternoon, nate. though i am not entirely sure. one of these days i will write a word verification poem, i can see it coming. :) m (ejzor - my un-pc pc is calling me an eyesore? tsk.)