Wednesday, March 29, 2006

monday, tuesday, wednesday

monday sucked. it really did. big time. after a not-so-good weekend, a day which had me feeling stressed from beginning to end. i felt like my insides were tied into knots. ugh.

new computer class - for the next ten weeks, i am teaching a group of women only, the first time since early 2004. they seem very okay.

tuesday: tired. kind of blah.

wednesday: tired. unhappy about the rainrainrain. but better. and happy with the poem of the day.

poem-a-day: day 23. today was tough. inspiration comes from unlikely quarters. thanks, bo. not that bo is an unlikely source of inspiration, but the words he jokingly asked me to use in a poem are, believe me! what would you do with: compresence, euthyphrotically, homiletically, swivet, pleonasm, amentia, sumptuary? i learned a few new words today, i can tell you that. thank goodness for the internet, dictionaries would have failed me.

song of the day, undoubtedly: reckless by tilly & the wall. makes you want to get up and tap-dance along. because they use tap-dancing instead of drums and other percussion. terrific idea.

oh and: have you heard this? the best blonde joke in the world!

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