Friday, April 07, 2006

link. link. tag.

here are two cool links:

wondering what to give me for my next birthday? how about this, the I/O Brush? i'd love one!

ever asked yourself what vienna is like? or amsterdam? try this to check out cool capitals.

and - i've been tagged, by mail. i'll post it here instead.
arlene, sharon, lauren, sepp, bo, martin - if you read this: do consider yourselves tagged! *G* (that does not mean others cannot join in the fun!)

7 things to do before I die --

1- go to alaska
2- get a full length poetry collection published
3- have children
4- burn my diaries, all 60+ of them
5- learn, always
6- unlearn a few unhealthy habits, patterns, etc
7- beat sepp at tennis (ha! as if)

7 things I can’t do --

1- mathematics
2- drive
3- handstands
4- eat vanilla pudding
5- go without laughing or at least smiling for 24 hours
6- resist chocolate
7- stop writing poetry

7 things I say often --

1- X is totally overrated
2- du bist komisch (you are strange) (mostly to my husband)
3- durchgeknallt (mad, off one's trolley) (often about myself)
4- irgendwie (somehow)
5- waaaaahhhhhh!!!!
6- ich weiß nicht (i don't know)
7- ich hab dich lieb (i like/love you, am fond of you)

7 books I love -- (only seven??)

1- alice in wonderland / through the looking glass
2- the little prince
3- mother tongue
4- wuthering heights
5- the thursday next series
6- view with a grain of sand
7- the mists of avalon

7 movies I can watch over and over again -- (again, only seven??)

1- the apartment
2- the piano
3- ice age
4- notting hill
5- pulp fiction
6- amélie
7- shawshank redemption

song of the day: kiss me, sixpence none the richer. just because. spring is so close.


nate said...

To answer your question, I did peek... guess it's just the bjzthyud in me... :P

michi said...

i'm glad we have that in common, nate. the not-going-without-laughing, rather than the bjzthyud. or the xhotbql for that matter. ;) though i must confess i am very partial to blue xhotbql, especially when it comes with some ifynmr. m

michi said...

i don't know how that happened, but i forgot one of the most wonderful books ever: women who run with wolves. duh. honestly. what did i say about being braindead lately? i guess it was true. m

Arlene said...

hah! i did miss this -- silly me. i noticed you forgot to mention for "7 things i say often": nigel. sepp hears you while you're dreaming, you know. teehee. vamp.

and hey, i *adore* the little prince, too. every man, woman and child should it, i think. heh.

oh, and song of my days -- that k.d. lang one you sent (love, love, love it!!) but i only hear that when i play my sims... haven't done that in weeks. the "official" cd player is broken and plays only billy joel now. it's unbelievable.

happy easter!

p.s. did you get my post about not finding your poems in mannequin envy? are they in the current issue (winter 2006)?

michi said...

hey again, you. thanks for yet another note, even though it includes nigel again! ;)