Saturday, April 08, 2006

1973. 1974. 1978.

i have finally begun to scan pictures of me as a baby, child, teen. am putting (some of) them in a photo album online.

this one was taken at christmas 1973. i seem to have enjoyed myself.

here's one of me taken in 1974, hiking on goldeck, the mountain you can reach by cable-car from my hometown, spittal. i look like a little boy - and exactly like my youngest brother martin.

and here's a black and white pic which i really love, it looks like a scene out of some astrid lindgren film or some such. it shows me, my brother markus and my friend conny (right) in september 1978.

here you can find more pics of little michi. i will add more over the next months, occasionally post some here. (if the link does not work, do let me know.)

there aren't many teenage pics yet. soon. promise. oh and do bear in mind - it was the eighties. be prepared. *L*

song of the day: velveteen, transvision vamp. i am living in the past today. :)


lorguru said...

adorable pics michi...actually, you haven't changed a bit!

michi said...

hahahaha!!! i hope i HAVE changed at least a little bit! :) thanks for stopping by! m

Bob Hoeppner said...

Sie waren ein süßes Mädchen, meine Dichterin-Freundin!

michi said...

bob - yes, that's all in the past! ;)
danke fürs vorbeischauen! :)

Colleen in Korea said...

What FANTASTIC photos!!
My father was a photographer (when I was very little) and there are a ton of photos of my sisters and I growing up. It really is amazing to look back at the 'innocence' of one's youth.
Thanks for sharing and keep in touch.

rae said...


LOVE the pics, especially the black and white one. My father was very into photography when I was little and took tons of B&W pics. Were your parents into photography? These photos are really excellent.

michi said...

thanks girls! yes, my dad was very much into photography and i am glad that he was, even though i sometimes wanted to be left alone when he wanted to take another pic and another ... esp as a teen. but i'm grateful now for all the photos. photography was his one great hobby and passion for years, he participated in national and international amateur competitions, but then gave it up for a while and focussed on collages (great stuff IMO, not just because he is my dad), but lately he has been experimenting with photography again. i keep urging him to start selling his stuff on the internet. i would make him a nice little website. but he is convinced nobody would be interested in his photos and collages - even though he recently had a small exhibition in a litte town near my hometown (not the most exciting place in the world with the most vibrant art scene) and even there half the collages were sold within 24 hours. parents! sigh. *L*

Pris said...

These are great!! I love pics of people when they were little kids.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

These are wonderful pictures, Michi!! I just want to squeeze those little chubby baby cheeks! Isn't it fun to look back and try to recognize some piece of who you've become in the child you were?

Atiah said...

Michi, you've been TAGGED! go to to find out

SarahJane said...

du warst ja sehr süß! mir gefällt am meisten das erste Bild. schön!

Cheryl said...

What a little cutie-pie!

michi said...

thanks ladies! :) i'll try and get more of them online over the next week - i have TONS of pics.

i find it really funny, in a way, that other posts get a couple of comments at best, but this one got so many. what does that say about people? *LOL*

just kidding really. thanks for visiting, and leaving your kind words. it's nalyk (my word verification).

m x

Arlene said...

hey!! you're sooooo cute... and sooo blond. like nigel. right?


michi said...

arlene, that is NOT nice of you. comparing me with nightmare nigel. honestly. his is nasty blond, mine is angelic blonde. huge difference, huge. *tsk*


ps and thanks for making this present tense, rather than past.