Friday, March 17, 2006

munich - day 3: laziness, a walk, and winter

okay. last day in munich. we are lazy. we deserve that. all the walking on the previous day has made us tired. we do get up for breakfast, starting an attempt to try those things we have not tried yet (and failing), but then spend another 90 minutes in our room, nearly falling asleep. the weather is not too inviting at first, it has snowed another 15 cm during the night, but then the sun comes out. it looks rather chilly though (and it is!).

eventually we pack our bags, which includes another unsuccessful attempt to kill myself (ie falling over something and nearly causing a minor catastrophe), leave the suitcase at the hotel, and ask about munich cemeteries at the tourist information. we are told that many are closed because of the weather / snow, but we are pointed in the direction of a small cemetery in bogenhausen, which is past the english garden. we take the underground (the underground system in munich is fantastic, everything is clean too, and there's classical music over the speakers on sundays!) and a bus, then walk up to the little church, have a look around the cemetery which is covered in snow. the weather keeps changing - sunny spells, then clouds, snow, and always a chilly wind. before we freeze our butts off, we head back to the city, warm up in a café, then pick up the suitcase and walk across to the train station.

broken by winter; cemetery bogenhausen

the train is rather popular, it seems. from salzburg on it is really crowded, and in linz things get even worse. the couple opposite sepp and me are very much in love, it seems, it's so cute that it's nearly too much, and i almost wish i could conjure up a private little cabin for the two of them. i'm cold all the way, even though everybody else thinks it's hot, which is not a good sign. but i read good poetry, write some poetry myself, and listen to good music. and i sleep some too. we're back in vienna around 7.45pm.

i think we'll go back to munich when it is warmer - not this year, though, at least not during the soccer world cup in germany, and not during oktoberfest either. but it is a nice, inviting, friendly city, and i would like to see more of it. it is not so far away, after all, actually closer than my hometown - takes me 5.30 hours to get there!

pictures of day 3 can be found in my photo album

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