Friday, March 17, 2006

munich - day 2: another museum, a concert, and sore feet

breakfast buffets, what a great invention, especially when offering such a variety of lovely food as at hotel ludwig. yum. the only down side is that after all that food, we feel tired again! *L*

nevertheless, we set out, first stopping at an internet café so i can post my daily poems, and we can figure out how to get to tonight's concert venue - the good news is that element of crime (EOC) guitarist jakob ilja is joining the band again, he was unable to play in austria and switzerland.

next stop: deutsches museum. a must for everyone, really, not only technology freaks. you could easily spend about a month in there and never get bored; since we don't have a month, not even a week, not even a whole day, we pick those exhibitions we really want to see, and spend a good five hours in the museum. it's great that they allow you to take pictures, so you can check ours out in photo album #2.

we look around exhibitions on aerospace, astronautics, astronomy, computers, micro-electronics, music / musical instruments, pharmaceutics, physics, chemistry, optics, telecommunications, the human body, the mathematical gallery (though by the time we get there, i am already a little braindead, unfortunately. i am a sucker for escher prints, optical illusions, and "how to get that ring off the rope / untie that knot"-type puzzles), and we check out foucault's pendulum before we leave.

in aerospace, i find it particularly interesting to see old wilbur and orville wright's plane, because it was one of the topics in my english finals at high school. i remember the article we read was called "the campers at kitty hawk". so i have always had a soft spot for the wright brothers. amazing to see, too, the development of flying machines. without some of those downright suicidal madmen in past centuries, who knows where we might be.

wilbur and orville wright's plane

space - always interesting. spacecraft, satellites, pictures of the moon, etc.

don't they look a little like electric toothbrushes?

five hours at such a huge museum, and your feet will appreciate a break. ours do. we go back to prinz myshkin for another delicious meal (i really want to take that restaurant to vienna with me!), then drag ourselves back to the hotel.

around 8 we leave for the EOC concert - and it is starting to snow. seriously snow. by the time we get to the tonhalle, everything is white. and it is pretty chilly too. not inside, however. the place is packed, even though the concert won't begin until 9. we hope that there is no support act, but there is - i never catch the band's name, and i find the performance a little lame. *sorry to whoever it was* my feet are already killing me. *L*

around 10, EOC finally start playing. we have seen them before, at a small venue in vienna, and at the donauinselfest in vienna, a huge open air concert. it's a solid concert, and i could just cuddle sven regener, the singer / songwriter, for his lyrics, and for his clipped "vielen dank" (thanks very much) at the end of just about every song. oh, and for his, er, battle call: "romantik!" (romanticism; also the title of one of their albums)

they make my day by playing jetzt musst du springen, michaela sagt, seit der himmel, and of course, their latest hit, delmenhorst. pretty unusual that they sing two songs in english!

overall, i enjoyed the concert at planet music in vienna more - the smaller venue, more intimacy, closer to the stage, and - IMO - more oopmh. but i do not regret coming here! it's a very good concert, and they remain one of my favourite live bands. you missed out, bo! :-p

we leave around midnight, on very, verrry sore feet, and make our way back to the hotel through a bit of a snowstorm. and then - sleep.

pictures of day 2 can be found in my photo album

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