Wednesday, February 01, 2006

hiss, books, kärnten/koroska

this is the equivalent of a quickie:

two poems published in the wonderful hiss quarterly - make sure you are over 18 and are not wearing too many warm clothes when you go and read them! *grin*

received gary blankenship's "a river transformed" and suzanne frischkorn's "spring tide" this week. more about those some other time.

für alle kärntner/innen und die, denen die ortstafel-angelegenheit allmählich auf den geist geht und - gelinde gesagt - etwas kindisch erscheint: unterschreibt auf!

my rant of the day will have to wait, i am in a hurry, but i am sure i will remember.

oh and - the walkabouts rule! song of the day: loom of the land.


SarahJane said...

whoa! loved the poems. yikes.

michi said...

thank you sarah! i enjoyed writing them! :)))

Arlene said...

pantpant!! **wheezegurglehiccup**

pantastic foems!!!! woooohooo! off to take off my winter jacket, sip some soda. and wait for you in 30/30. heh.


michi said...

oh but arlene, you of all people must be used to the steamy stuff now after editing the erotic supplement! sip that soda, but make sure you are in the right company ... *G*
see you soon!
thx, m xx

Susan Culver said...

Congrats on the publication, Michi! So good to see you at 30/30 and at my blog too! (I seriously need to add links to the blogs of others... Yep, putting that on the agenda. Must do soon.)

Looking forward to your rant of the day. Just did one of those myself. :)

michi said...

hello susan, thanks for stopping by! :)
rant will follow. though it has been a few days, i can easily get back into that mood again! *L* x m