Sunday, January 29, 2006

music, tennis, and the cold

talk about cold. it was FREEZING for about a week, down to -20 at night, even in/around vienna. *shiver* the danube was frozen as far as i could see from the bridge i cross every day on the train to and from work. the chilly northerly wind did not exactly make me more comfortable, but it seems to be getting warmer now. thank goodness.

took a few pics at dawn a couple of days ago, here's one - quite beautiful.

matt firth's seminar last weekend was good. saw some funny cartoons, both print and on dvd. i had not slept much the previous night, but time went quickly, and i only really felt tired when i got home.

teaching's going well, a group of six is really pleasant to teach.

managed to watch some tennis, and i have become quite a fan of cypriot marcos baghdatis (although greek natives say that his name is mis-spelled in other languages and should read markos pagdatis), as i assume many others have over the last fortnight at the aussie open. what a run he's head. excellent tennis. roger federer was quite emotional after claiming his 7th grand slam today. he deserves it too, he is such an amazing player.

am fast becoming a fan of someone else too - the walkabouts. i have now got more of their albums, and i am wondering why i have never really noticed them before. really great stuff.

slow day today, after spending the evening and half the night at babs and andi's playing games with them and a friend of theirs. sepp is more knackered than i am though. we did not get home until about 4.15! i guess we should start our game sessions earlier in the day ... *S*

here are a few pics:

babs playing the sax for us

andi kneading a tongue-twister (yes, i mean that)

sepp: 250 and counting

going strong, or not? michi and babs

hard to pick a song of the day today, though i have listened to bjork's bachelorette a few times, and watched the video. such a wonderful song. so maybe that's it. :)

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