Monday, September 12, 2005

monday. madness. muse.

tired today - no wonder. *someone* had to stay up to watch the us open finals. well worth it though. amazing, truly amazing tennis from both agassi and federer.

another monday, then. work was fine. four hours are nothing, really.

i must be mad though - arlene has been trying to get me to join a poem-a-day challenge for, well, not as long as i can think, but let's just say, a while. *S* and now that my muse, that fickle thing, is working overtime (more poetry today, and not a problem at all!), i decided to give it a go. have registered on two poetry boards, we'll see how things develop.

i'm still lovin' it. and, as bo said, lovin' it is good. :)

no song of the day - but a perfect evening for lucky jim.

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