Sunday, September 11, 2005

books, poems, and random stuff

i'm happy to have more time for reading than earlier this year. finished john irving's "a widow for one year" which i have been discussing with bo; read one of the more sophisticated girl books, anna maxted's "being committed", a perfect sunday afternoon book, followed by alessandro boffa's "you're an animal, viskovitz" which i had picked up in a london bookstore in june. very original, and funny. am halfway through mikael niemi's "popular music" now, a novel i bought last year when flying out of stockholm. so, i'm slowly but surely working my way through the many books i bought in london, and even before. and though some of my friends are not only suggesting other novels, but tempting me every time they get a chance, i am determined not to buy anything new for a while. after all - i have a birthday coming up in november, and there'd be no books left they could get me! yeah, right.

i am deliriously happy that my muse is making an appearance. i am sure she is between boyfriends or something, or she would not hang around 24/7, as it seems she does. i have written 6 new poems since last weekend, and i have revised and finished four or five older ones.

i've checked out a critique board arlene told me about, and who knows, i might join in the fun there. it always takes a while to feel at home, but without trying, that won't ever happen.

my finger's fine.

i've done some serious house-cleaning, and have discovered that the surface of my desk is still blue - at the moment, more than just a square centimetre of it is actually visible!

caught up on emails, about time too (right, annette and arlene?). my old canadian pal monique has a brand new baby daughter, cecilia, a little sister for her three boys. congrats to the travales!

more tennis. kim clijsters won the women's. the men's final is tonight. roger's looking hot.

and now excuse me, but i have to go and learn stars' middle names by heart in preparation for the next trivia night! *L*

song for the day, without having listened to it: mellow yellow. for some reason, it's on my mind.

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Arlene said...

Yay! I'm glad you've joing the 30/30, Michi!!

Love your blog—especially the Sweden pics and your cartoons!


P.S. Uh, I'm still waiting for you to come over. The b-day cake is still in the fridge. Hehe!