Friday, April 18, 2008

vienna lit festival, part 1

this is a very short shorty - it is 01.40am and i need to get up in less than five hours (looooong day: teaching, reception for authors, lit fest day 2), but i have to say that the reading went really, really well, and i had such wonderful feedback, i am still high on it about six hours later! and i have to thank my lovely, lovely friends gudrun, birgit, tom, sonja, nathan, and valerio for being there - most of them especially for me. *very touched*

there will be more, there will be pictures. what did frank n furter say in the rocky horror picture show? wait for it. ;)

song of the day: diferente by gotan project.


Bebe Cook said...

Hi Michi,

Congratulations on the read, sounds like you had fun, and I can't wait to see the pictures, I am a Rocky Horror fan, I am going through my memory banks for the quote! Hope the rest of the weekend is wonderful!

:) brenda

michi said...

thank you brenda - more about the lit fest sooooon,


m x