Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my second "baby" :-)

ten months after being accepted, my second chapbook, the secret meanings of greek letters, has come into the bookworld. judging from the pictures – and that is all i have for the time being – kristy bowen of dancing girl press has done a terrific job, and secret meanings is not actually a book, as you can see here.

if for whatever reason (and feel free to name it!) you would like to get hold of a copy, you can either buy it from DGP and support a wonderful small press), or get in touch with me (the book is $9 or €6, shipping cost depends on where you are); if you are really lucky, i'll even sign it. ;)

if anybody has a chapbook out and wants to swap, let me know! i expect to have my copies within the next two weeks.

and here's a poem from the chapbook:


deep in the belly of eve, seed in the shape of a dragonfly
sleeps until the morning a crimson drop announces a flood.

thirty days pass; thirty times the warm hands of summer
smooth wrinkly flowers, pluck them at bedtime – shhh.

seaweed grows among the rocks where eve's bare feet
slip, urge her into mad waves where she'd be a mermaid:

fish could teach her how to wash away the faded red
of loss. she'd learn silence, the freedom of black depths.

every day the wet cheeks of apples remind her; every
day, the snake criss-crosses her path, triumphant, cruel.

there's a wind that lives for weather vanes, the craz
swirl of technicolour meadows; it sings into hollow hearts.

eve listens; lilting voices pull until strings snap. sunset
draws a window on the far horizon, a drake takes flight.

stones do not grow softer over night, do not sprout
rivers or plants. eve kneels, sacrifices a fistful of time.

she gathers cotton for a bed. at new moon, she will join
the goddess, press her head against that empty womb.

song of the day: halloween song from the nightmare before christmas.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations, Michi.

Andrew Shields said...

Congrats. I'd love to swap my "Cabinet d'Amateur" for your chapbook. Email me at andrew dot shields at unibas dot ch when you get copies.

michi said...

thanks, sam!

and andrew, great! i'll do that.


SarahJane said...

big congratulations, michi!
i am planning to get a copy.
best, sarah