Thursday, March 16, 2006

sick. strange. pleased.

i am not working today and tomorrow, feeling totally blah, head cold, temperature, you get the picture.

my weather pixie says "mostly sunny". where, i ask? where? she is supposed to tell the truth, which is: overcast. grey. unpleasant. winter. and she is NOT supposed to smile. she needs to change that attitude or i will delete her. *evil look* and i want to make it official now: endless winters suck.

on a happier note: acceptance from unlikely 2.0 magazine, 3 poems. yay! it pays to be strange sometimes, after all. and no, that does not mean $$$. ;)

munich report will have to wait. sorry. another pic to tide you over, one of "genuine bavarians":

sepp's the one ... ah no, take your pick. *L*

song of the day: sound of silence, simon & garfunkel. *L*


Suzanne said...

I never understood the difference between "mostly sunny" and "partly cloudy"---lol--spring is coming, spring is coming!

Colleen said...

Munich looks and sounds fabulous!
Thanks for the photos!
I know exactly how you feel. I thought Spring had arrived two weeks ago here in South Korea..but it seems I was sadly snowed just the other day. Ugh!
Hope you get over your cold soon...looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip!

P.s. Love the new shoes!