Sunday, March 05, 2006

iv. yes. maybe.

HOORAY for me! i finished round iv of 30 poems! i am pleased. most days it was not even that difficult to come up with something, but i am sure my talkative kitchen utensils helped, as did the nigel madness. the forum is inspiration. it's been a bit quiet the last few days though after several fellow poets finished their rounds and are taking time-outs, poor sharon has been ill, and susan is now concentrating on her novel (i already look forward to reading it!). at least ms angie (ie arlene) has come back! lisa, anne, john and lauren are still around too. keep writing, guys!

good news from mannequin envy - i received an acceptance note on sunday afternoon, saying:

We were happy to consider your poems, and would like to use both "Far away, clouds lure you to the sea" and "april rules of conduct" in our Spring Edition of Mannequin Envy.

On a personal note, I thought your submission was very strong, and for a time considered taking more than just those 2 poems.
made my day.

for the record:
submission sent: 13 january 2006,
official deadline: 15 march 2006,
answer: 05 march 2006

more good news this morning (that's what i like to wake up to): eclectica has replied to a submission of mine for the first time (never heard back from them before), and they are going to include my poem written for their word challenge (thanks arlene for pointing it out to me! you can hit me over the head with the chair now! *L*) in their next issue. it's one of the nigel series and i honestly had not thought the poem would have a chance! just goes to show. here's what jennifer finstrom wrote:
I am happy to inform you that we have selected "Nigel is Fuming" for inclusion in the word poem feature of Eclectica Magazine [...] I have a question about the word 'sheen' in the first line of the third stanza. I have a hard time picturing what the amulet is. I'm not asking you to change it--I love this poem--but I wonder if you'd mind telling me what it is you see.
for the record:
submission sent: 01 march 2006,
answer: 06 march 2006 (possibly 5 march where they are)

sent out submissions to four magazines this weekend, we'll see how that goes. watch this spot.

song of the day: man from reno, the walkabouts.

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Suzanne said...

WOW. 30 poems! A wonderful morning you're having, too. Congrats, Michi!!!