Tuesday, January 01, 2013

my 2012 in pictures

i've written about it. now here's my 2012 in pictures:

carla rocks - walkabouts concert, january 2012

between a rock and a hard place - shadows on the wall, february 2012

three bunnies, march 2011

archibald, keeper of the garden, march 2012

asparagus with poached egg, crisp bacon and raspberry vinaigrette, may 2012

strawberries! may 2012

lago di fusine, italy, may 2012

the resurrection of alice, may 2012

vermicelli salad, june 2012

new danube, june and october 2012

vienna from above, june 2012

shadow face, june 2012

fruity face, july 2012

oma in hospital, july 2012

motherly love, july 2012

paradise around the corner, july 2012

grassy hopper, august 2012

birds on a wire, burgenland, august 2012

peekaboo, brno, august 2012

the ghosts of dubrovnik, september 2012

cat in montenegro, september 2012

kotor bay with curtains of fog, september 2012

big sky with fish-bird, september 2012

lake skadar, september 2012

turquoise tara river, september 2012

pendant - poly clay workshop, october 2012

clinging vines, october 2012

richard hawley! live! in vienna! october 2012

autumn in vienna, october 2012

autumnal beauty - mariazeller land, october 2012

crossover, november 2012

i can have my cake and eat it, too: real and fake, november 2012

blushing tomatoes, november 2012

feedback snippet: michi - best teacher of the season, november 2012

bleeding heart, november 2012


tiger lillies in action, december 2012

bohemian beauty, december 2012

light on leaves, december 2012

flower in the sky, december 2012

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