Sunday, August 03, 2008

sunday morning visitor

waking up at 06.30 on a sunday is not my idea of fun. especially not when i went to bed at 02.30. but. had i not woken at that time, i would not have made breakfast when i did. and it was just when i had poured my chocolate flakes into a bowl that i met ... max. gave me a bit of a fright when i saw a rather big something moving out of the corner of my eye. but when i saw it was not a giant spider, nothing stood in the way of a friendship for life. or at least the next half hour. so.

meet max:

on board a sheet of paper, i transported max to my livingroom's windowsill. she (pretty sure it was a she, now that i have googled tettigoniae) had one of her many breakfast stops,

then went across the bridge ...

... and stopped, apparently not quite sure what next.

after a stopover on my window, max climbed back across a couple of flowerpots and - took a crap:

at least she had the decency to look sheepish!

then, max jumped onto one of my shelves and met tommy (this is the cd cover of tommy by the who) ...

... did her morning toilette ...

... and successfully escaped me for quite a while, exploring my shelves.

here's max on top of the world,

playing peekaboo,

but then she got ready for takeoff. here is one last picture of her on her launch pad, before she flew off into the tree in front of my window.

i would like to thank max for being such a patient model - i took about 130 photos, and not one complaint (unless that crapping onto my windowsill should have told me something?)! unfortunately, max did not give a permanent address, so i cannot put you in touch. but maybe she'll come and visit you too.

and for those who are wondering what exactly max was ... i am not 100% sure, but she most closely resembled the tettigonia viridissima or great green bush-cricket (grünes heupferd in german). but if anybody knows better, please feel free to leave a comment!

song of the day: max by paolo conte.


megalopoet said...

did i spy an ASHTRAY in one of those photos?!

my girl. my girl.

i hear your cricket wings from here. from there. from everywhere.

and i thought it was a praying mantis, at first. . . now, those girls know how to. . .

Collin said...

I have to admit, if Max came flying into my house I'd run screaming from it like a little girl. lol

Rachel Mallino said...


Shoot, I'd be screaming, too. But, admittedly, Max is very pretty. Maybe Max could become a series of poems.

Sara Kearns said...

this is one of my fvorite posts ever. and how funny. and great photos. i completely fell in love with max. i wish some neat little thing like that would visit me. of course my cats would probably kill it, but not before torturing the poor thing mercilessly. anyway, great job putting this together -- it's *delightful*

michi said...

nic - you did indeed. but who knows how it got there and whose cigs they are? maybe max is a smoker? mysterious, no? :) xo

collin - naaaahhhh. max is harmless. really.

rachel - a series of poems on anything would be nice. nothing happening though. :( at least i am taking millions of photos. :)

sara - thanks! and thanks for your other post, i will be in touch. promise. life is crazy busy, and crazy fullstop. ;)