Thursday, July 03, 2008

this girl has been ...

poorly, sickly, ill, and therefore at home and mostly in bed since monday afternoon. and no, it hasn't been fun. and the heat outside did not actually help. blah.

so nothing much is new, except that i finished a poem the other day - the first since late september. i am not sure i am happy with it yet, but it is a first tiny little step in the right direction. at the moment, i feel too weak and tired to celebrate this, but i will make up for that. :)

i have completed most of the boooooring translation (if you ever want to know anything about supplier management software, this is who you should turn to!) with the mid-july deadline, hooray!

a few days ago, i tidied up my flickr site - the sets are now neatly arranged in collections. the most recent one is the euro2008 collection, and the vienna collection has been updated.

and it appears i have been hispanified. which means that i am picking up spanish here and there, and that i seem to have gotten over my dislike for the language, and that - who would've thought? - i want to know more. according to one of my "teachers", i don't quite deserve una estrella dorada yet, but at least i am worthy of a tiny little little purple star. (gracias, valerio. not!)

pic of the day:

taken from my living-room window last week

song of the day: quedate luna by devendra banhart.


Rachel Mallino said...

I really like the pic, Michi. Is that a lightening bolt?

michi said...

yep, indeed it is, rachel. :)

k1tchenwitch said...

feel better soon ~ and I hope the heat lets up. But that lightning. . .spectacular!

michi said...

thanks, ms witch - i am fine again. :)