Friday, July 11, 2008

things have changed ...

once again. i handed in my latest translation on wednesday, thinking that was that for the next few months, looking forward to working only afternoons in august and taking half of september off. but. then nathan told me about this book translation project that his wife had been offered and which she cannot do alone, because it is too much. and they were wondering whether i was interested in taking on half of the 600 pages ... the topic is not particularly fun, nothing light for the summer: the armenian massacres in ottoman turkey by guenter lewy. and the deadline is late september ... i must be mad. :)

* * * * *

yesterday evening i met up with harold, bruno, alina and some of her friends at museumsquartier (outdoors) where we saw a terrific performance: the manganiyar seduction, musicians from rajasthan who perform ballads about kings, sufi poems, and other songs. there were 43 singers and musicians (string instruments, drums, flute, mouth organ ...) seated in cubicles: four rows of nine cubicles, one row stacked upon another, beautiful light effects and fantastic music.

i also enjoyed watching the people, especially children - they were so into it, totally absorbed and fascinated!

* * * * *

no new writing. sigh.

but - some new people, and ... i have a date tomorrow! :)

song of the day: things have changed by bob dylan.


Rachel Mallino said...

Hello Ms. Michi,

I have favor to ask of you. Could you email me at

Graci! Oh, and that little boy is just adorable.

Lisa Allender said...

WOW! I'm forwarding your Blog and thisentry on to some friends of mine. You have a great eye for beauty!