Wednesday, July 16, 2008

guys, again

do NOT mention them to me today. it's for your own safety. what have they done? well ...

a) cheating, and a call from an upset girlfriend
b) standing me up
c) not reacting to anything i told him, making me feel like an idiot

... can anybody blame me for my facebook status: "i may be the biggest female fool in the world, but at least i'm not a man"?

song of the day: you suck by the murmurs.


Hedgie said...

This, too, shall pass. Just remember:

by Dorothy Parker

This I say, and this I know:
Love has seen the last of me.
Love's a trodden lane to woe,
Love's a path to misery.

This I know, and knew before,
This I tell you, of my years:
Hide your heart, and lock your door.
Hell's afloat in lovers' tears.

Give your heart, and toss and moan;
What a pretty fool you look!
I am sage, who sit alone;
Here's my wool, and here's my book.

Look! A lad's a-waiting there,
Tall he is and bold, and gay.
What the devil do I care
What I know, and what I say?

Anonymous said...

oh! why i oughta! dumb ole boys. dumb, dumb, dummies. just wait, you. XoX (maybe that'll sustain you in the meantime ;-)



michi said...

i love dorothy parker! :)

and nicolinetta! how lovely to see you here! and yay for girls! and we soooo rule and rock, right?

but actually i need to change my fb status, because i have decided i am no fool. they are the fools. yes. here's to hugs and x's from the girl friends!


Sara Kearns said...

hey michi, i've missed you! my boggest apologies for being so dreadfully awol! i hope you've been well, but from reading these few posts, i can see that the alleged other half of our species (i don't buy it -- they are a whole other species, i'm convinced) is at it again, interfering with our well-being. i don't find this fact funny at all, of course, but i'm still laughing at your quote about at least not being a man. i have to remember that one, and i'll be sure to credit you as the brilliant source, who has suffered for her art and genius. i'm kind of hating men too right now, so i feel your pain. oh, how i really do. i often have sympathy for their wretched souls because they are of course dumb, and i'm not sure they can help that, but i'm also wondering these days if there's just something much more sinister at play here with that gender, and it certainly sounds as if your specimen exhibits such leanings. your choice of song of the day on this post is hilarious, by the way.

oh, i got tagged for a meme that's on my blog and i'd love to see your answers!

oh, and another oh: the best fortune cookie i ever got said: "boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle aged men." i loved it and had it on my refrigerator for years -- until an especially big mistake of mine in the seemingly human form of a boyfriend got mad about it and flushed it down the toilet!

miss you much, michi. remember the sisterhood's got your back. :)

p.s.: with apologies to john edwards, mikhail baryshnikov, charlie rose, bob hicok, and my nephews even when they're grown -- they're exempt. ;)