Tuesday, March 25, 2008

this girl is pissed off with the bloody universe

just my luck eh. i meet a guy, have the most perfectest evening in aaaaaaaages, he gets this amazingly high score on the what-michi-wants-and-needs list, and then (are you ready for the anti-climax?) - it turns out to be bad timing.

thank goodness the weather is not mocking me - snow, snow, snow, dark skies.

now if you would excuse me, i have to go and feel sorry for myself.

song of the day: same as yesterday, only more so. almost lover by a fine frenzy.


Collin said...

Sorry it's been such a shitty weekend. Men are bastards. That's what I no longer look for them. I've decided I need to be with myself and do the things I want to do without having someone getting in the way. I can never write or be creative when I'm with someone because I'm so invested in the relationship. Ah, well...

michi said...

not a bastard, actually. it's a longer story than it looks here. *s* i am just sad.

and if there isn't at least a poem in this, then i don't know what will unblock me after these six months!

thanks for caring,

m x

Cynthia said...

mega-bummer... if only time
would give us the time of day
in relationships.