Sunday, February 10, 2008

i spoke to david bowie last night.

he was in my classroom. working on a song, apparently. you'll be happy to hear that he was very nice.

a few nights ago i dreamed that i had written a poem. of course i could not remember anything, so still no new poetry from this blocked poet.

i dream about my students a lot, and about things that go totally wrong, usually in very weird ways.

in the real world, the foo fighters really have such funny videos (long road to ruin), adele has a great voice, i really cannot stand rihanna, and they are finally playing band of horses on austrian stations. i enjoyed a couple of brit pop hours yesterday evening, some good old blur, edwyn collins, saint etienne, oasis, supergrass and such. gotta-dance-tunes. :)

still, the song of the day is not by any of them.

song of the day: waving flags by british sea power.


Anonymous said...

foo is luv, as is bowie. let the beats lead you to the lines. i'd offer congrats, but i want you to post it first... i'm *bursting* though!
glad about your granny, and everything else. have you any dreams you'd like to sell...

SarahJane said...

Hi Michi,
I dreamed about David Bowie recently, too. But in my dream he wasn't anywhere near Vienna, rather he was my high school boyfriend back in New Jersey. Good times.
Last night I dreamed about Bin Laden. He was working in a deli in Washington, DC. It was an open secret and for some reason not made clear, no one really wanted to catch him. Maybe he'd made a deal? Sometimes sleeping is more interesting than real life, or even the movies.

Collin said...

Adele is marvelous. Have you heard the new song from Goldfrapp? Brilliant stuff.