Sunday, November 18, 2007

a not-so-very-exciting blog post

i saw the doctor again on tuesday, and we agreed that i'll try one sertralin in the morning and see how that goes, whether the nausea will gradually become less of a problem. it's strange, for a few days this week, it was better, but yesterday i felt sick all morning. still, the attacks are happening a lot less often, and that is good. i've just been really tired this week, and not very bouncy either. rather sad and subdued, and that worries me. i know people mean well when they say that an ending is always a new beginning and i should look forward to my "new life", enjoying single life, etc, but it is too soon. i cannot enjoy it now. i'm scared, too. i've had to deal with too much crap this year, i am worried sick over my finances, and it would be lovely to have someone by my side. in addition to my amazing friends, that is. *s*

so, still no money from that company, despite another promise to expect payment around 16 november, and several letters. also, this is my last week in amstetten, and i haven't got anything for december yet. not good.

winter struck much too soon this year - lots of snow on friday, between 15 and 40 cm (6 to 16 in) in/around vienna! my train was really late that morning - 30 minutes. when i got home, i quickly dropped off my work stuff, put some warm clothes on, and went to central cemetery again to take pics. i hope to have them edited and up soon.

my chapbooks still haven't arrived, but the good news is that even before i have the 45 copies i'm getting, they're all already spoken for! i am swapping with quite a few poets whose chapbooks i've been wanting to read (i like this idea of chapbooks as a kind of currency *s*), giving some to close friends as presents, and selling the rest. i'll have to order more soon. :) i'll present the chapbook at the next open mic, on 7 december.

i'm still not writing, and i miss it. i really, really miss it. not sending out many subs either these days, too busy, and waiting to hear back from some journals that don't take sim subs. allen itz has been kind enough to ask for some of my photos and a poem to feature on his blog - one of the pictures and a secret meaning poem can be viewed there.

i went to a film premiere last night, a short film (30 min) called three old men, because my friend sabine knows the guy who edited the film, christoffer. interesting, though maybe a couple of parts were a bit over the top. the actors were very good.

not very exciting, all this, but that's okay. :)

song of the day: haiti by the arcade fire.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oh dear, I was too slow, and now I'll have to wait until you get more chapbooks. Let me know when you do, because I definitely want to buy one from you.

I think the end of any relationship involves a period of mourning. Just know we're here for you, and thinking of you often.


michi said...

sharon, no no no don't worry, yours is one of the 45. :) i'll send as soon as i have them. i am actually getting a little worried, because so much mail has been lost over the last 18-24 months ... and i really don't want this particular shipment to end up elsewhere!

and thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words.

hugs back,

m x

Collin said...

Oh, I want one. Can I send you cash? Tell me what to do! :)

michi said...

collin, very dangerous words, these: "tell me what to do!"

how about you start by cleaning my windows? then, the floor needs scrubbing. and ... um, behind the fridge ... *lol*

i'll be in touch, okay?

m x

ps and thanks! :)