Wednesday, November 21, 2007


yes. well. how did that happen? *g*

song of the day: happy birthday to me by bright eyes.


SarahJane said...

hey happy birthday! hope it was lovely.
i'm a november baby too. smile.

SarahJane said...

oops... hope it IS lovely.

Liz said...

Hey Michi,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ...birthday cake and bubbly are making their virtual way to you from me...loads of good wishes for a fantastic celebration...and what a gorgeous baby photo : )

And Sarah, belated birthday greetings too : )


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! You're just as cute as ever, I see. Hope it's a great one!

michi said...

thank you, ladies! :)
m x

Anonymous said...

much love & all that jazz for my fave poefjwrl!!

i hug you as the confetti streams past us...

Arlene said...

hey, belated hoppy!! you haven't picked up the card i sent yesterday — i'm assuming your spam assassin killed it.

anyway, here's the link to a copy of it:

hope you had a wonderful day!

michi said...

nic ole (ole nick??), thank you huggles from ancient me. :)

ms angst, no, no card. which addy did you send it to? i checked my chello spam, nothing there. and the link you posted here won't work. WHO STOLE MY CARD??? i was looking forward to a little craziness. :(((


Collin said...

Happy belated birthday, Michi!

Bebe said...


Happy Birthday, I Love the pictures. Sending you a birthday hug and some homemade chocolate cake. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming year.

:) brenda

michi said...

thank you, collin and brenda!