Wednesday, August 01, 2007

where, what, who ...

where i've been:

hiking with my dad in the nockberge area of carinthia - blutige alm (bloody pasture) & anderleseen (anderle lakes):

hiking with mom, dad, and my brother martin in the nockberge area - königstuhl, windebensee:

in my hometown, spittal:

in klagenfurt's planetarium & minimundus, with birgit:

who i've met:

what i've seen:

who i've kissed:

what i've said goodbye to -
the backyard, our beautiful garden, the house where my great aunt greti used to live, and surrounding buildings as well as the cobblestone street i think of every time i look at my knees - because i learned to ride my bike there. all that will be gone soon, replaced by a supermarket:

more photos on flickr sooooon (i hope).

song of the day: capri calling by yello.


Anonymous said...

lovely views-- just the things to inspire. can't wait to see more shots...

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Soooo beautiful! I want to come there and walk around with you. Are those public lands? It looks like you've been having a lovely time with your family. The pics are gorgeous.

michi said...

nic - thanks for stopping by! :)

sharon - yes, it is quite beautiful. parts of the mountains are actually a national park. a lot of the land is privately owned, but you can still go hiking almost everywhere. if you ever make it to this part of the world, let me know. :)

m x