Friday, June 08, 2007

an afternoon in the donauauen national park

i went to see nadine, one of the students in my last computer class, yesterday afternoon. she lives in hainburg, about an hour by train from my part of vienna, and i'd long wanted to go out there, to take a walk in the danube flood plain national park that - according to the national park website - protects the largest natural riparian wetlands in central europe and stretches from the outskirts of vienna to those of bratislava in slovakia. i didn't know you can actually see bratislava from hainburg!

nadine and i were out and about in the meadows and woods along the banks of the river for about three and a half hours - and all that in about 32C (90F). it was fun, quite beautiful, and good exercise. we really deserved some cake and wine afterwards, at nadine's. :)

shame that nadine's moving to doha next month - i don't think we'd ever run out of things to talk about!

here are some pics, more on my flickr pages:

tori amos concert tonight! yay!

song of the day: the power of orange knickers by tori amos & damien rice.

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