Wednesday, April 25, 2007

what's going on?

collin kelley is nominated for poet laureate of the blogosphere, ms ang has a severe identity crisis (again), amanda auchter is writing wonderful poetry, jenni russell shows some leg and needs someone to mow her lawn, kristy bowen's the birthday girl (have a good one!), nathan mcclain is not dead, rachel mallino has a new blog design, sarah sloat has booked a holiday and has a poem in barrelhouse magazine, and in way-too-warm-and-dry vienna i am confused, writing (Vows for a Cancelled Wedding; you've been flirting again), sleeping too little, teaching a lot, listening to regina spektor and nellie mckay, and trying to get rid of an annoying cold.

song of the day: musicbox by regina spektor.

I close my eyes and think that I have found me
but then I feel mortality surround me.

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