Friday, February 16, 2007


she's here! she's here! my dear ms angela has arrived! surprisingly she was walking upright when i picked her up at the airport yesterday evening - the flight must have been too short. you can only drink so many little bottles of red on the way from venice to vienna. *G* our first evening together was loooong, but of course it was all verrrry innocent and no poems were rewritten in any way, nor was there any loud laughter or hysterical giggling. unlike yesterday, the weather was not exactly nice, so we stayed in and chatted about, um, very serious matters until i had to go and teach my new english class. ms a. and i did not go anywhere tonight, but we're going to an open mic tomorrow evening. and i hope the rain stops - we have a cemetery to go to. it just makes a couple of girls feel so much more alive.

more good news: my fib (short poem of 1-1-2-3-5-8 syllables) to forget him won second place in flashquake's less is more contest! i'm thrilled! apart from eternal fame (*G*) it also means a $50 prize. the poem will be published in the march issue - i'll post a link when it's up. i am curious to find out who the other winners are.

further good news: john siddique is returning to austria for workshops and a reading in may! he's got a new book (Poems from a Northern Soul) out too, so if you are looking for some excellent poetry to read ... what are you waiting for?

and yes - i am still writing every day.

song of the day: unforgettable by natalie & nat king cole.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

WHOOOO-HOOOO!! Congratulations on the flashquake second place, Michi!

Look out, A&M (is that anything like S&M, I wonder?) together sounds dangerous. Will there be any driving involved?

Hey, if you're going to write a poem a day, why don't you come on back to 30:30?! It's getting kind of quiet in there.

Now, when are the two of you going to head over to Oregon? We've got some lovely rain this time of year. ; )

rae said...

Shanenigans!!! I can smell it!!! I do hope you ladies are having a marvelous time. And when the hubby and I finally decide to visit Germany (he's been there several times and loves it) I hope to see some poem friends. Have fun, girlies!! Drink lots of red wine and talk lots of shit -there's nothing better.

Arlene said...

driiiiiiing. i'm already home, honey. when are you going to update your bug? i can't wait to deny everything you write. wheeeeeeee!

congrats on the acceptances and placing 2nd in the flashquake cometest! as your udder spouse, i think i'm entitled to the udder half of that milk money. mooooooooo. bleeeeeeeeeet. baaaaaaaaaaaaa.

teehee, we talked a lot of urine, rachel. well, with all that wine, what can one expect? monty also made me watch sexy sports clips at one in the morning. she's sooooooooooo bad. i grew angel wings from cackling... but maybe those were my saggy cow teats. hmmmm.


SarahJane said...

Hope you ladies are enjoying yourselves.
Congrats on placing at Flashquake, michi. That's great, and you deserve it.
next thing: that job.