Saturday, February 03, 2007


YES! she finally said yes! um. the one and only ms angst that is. she is indeed coming to see me - and soooooon! (i guess, the truth is that now she gets italian citizenship, they want her out of the country again really quickly. *L*) the best part is, she is NOT coming by car! *phew* so in about 2 weeks, watch this spot for updates, and pics!

i am becoming a regular at the first-friday-of-the-month open mics at café kafka. i read eva to adam today, and mr mcclam's response, adam to eva, and greek girl in the market square, both poems from my chapbook. not such a big crowd today, but it was still good. tonight's special guest was philip meersman from belgium - very cool performance.

day 146 of a-poem-a-day. the madness continues.

song of the day: hey there delilah by the plain white t's.


Arlene said...

now that you've mentioned driving. i plan to hire a car for us — vienna seems like a good place... no one knows me there. teehee.

ahem. does reading three poems get you three free drinks? **counting the possibilities on both hands**

love the recordings, hon'! no one heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaves like you do.


rae said...

I smell shenanigans!


word verification: shfpa, as in SHENANIGANS!!!

Carl Bryant said...

Congrats on enticing another victim, Michi!

How many have you killed now - four?

Arlene said...

oh no!!! i'm visiting bluebeard... and all this time i thought she just didn't shave.

mulch, don't you try anything funny! i'm coming over armed... with a huge pepper mill.


megalopoet said...

i guess i better motor & make you gals a house party mix... so i can *b* there, too.

oh, will there be pillowfights & prank calls?

will you do each others' nails & hair? smooch euro-trash pop* posters?

with 25 ballers, um, bowlers, things could get *sticky*...

hijinx ensue...
(ancient viennese mating call)