Saturday, October 21, 2006

poetry book tips

my birthday is coming up next month, sooo ... i might ask for some reading material - which poetry collections do you think are a must-read, and why? tell me. you have my undivided attention.

music of the day: don't forget by martha wainwright.


Lauren Mitchell said...

Hi Michi,

Here's a list of my "top 3". If you haven't read any of these, I'm sure you'd like them:

1. Carolyn Forche's "The Country Between Us"

2. Rainer Maria Rilke's Collected Poems (if you don't speak German, Stephen Mitchell has a lovely english translation)

3. Richard Siken's "Crush"

megalopoet said...

i'm old school sad woman poet some days so I HIGHly recommend
sexton's complete (on tape to hear her smoky voice, too!)

also, i like may swenson-- love poems in partic. her form is boggling, those visuals something i'd like more to play with.

i'm also into regionals: dannye romine powell's "the ecstasy of regret" and kay byer's "catching light" are two NC authors i adore. (byer's doing a stint as our state poet laureate now, too)

then there're the realllly old school dead old white men with anything poe or whitman or tennyson or keats. and rimbaud. lordy!

and no matter what ANYone says i like mark strand's "blizzard of one".

and gluck?? are you familiar with her?? "meadowlands" is a must-read fer shure. it's drawn from the whole odysseus/penelope thang.

more later as i think of them, i'm sure.

up-cathingly yours,

michi said...

lauren - i've got rilke. and yes i do read him in german, it is my native tongue after all. thought you might suggest forche, but i was curious to see which one. thanks!

la nicoletta - i have the complete sexton, but when i returned to it after a longer absence, a little while ago, i could not really get into it. i don't know. i used to like her poetry better in the past. i've got some glück (you know that means luck, happiness in english?). thanks for the tips.

m xx

megalopoet said...

in the event of those non-sexton moments have you tried her companion maxine kumin?? her full-length "the long marriage" is verrrry good. and i like her volume on poetry "to make a prairie". she's more formal at times than sexy and she's also not-so-much with the womb. (which can only serve to drag down even the most steadfast of angstified poet-girls)

i'm hot&cold with gluck sometimes-- minus the umlaut-- but her volume "proofs&theories" is also a good essay guide to writing this blasted thing called poesy.
(maybe it was her (g)luck that lent itself to my passing my comps!)

miss emily d. is always a balm for the soul, too. her simplicity astounds me.


Hedgie said...

Rob MacKenzie and I have both posted some lists that might give you some ideas:

For a few volumes that didn't make my list:

Homage to the Lame Wolf: Selected Poems -- Vasko Popa

The Night of Akhenaton: Selected Poems -- Agnes Nemes Nagy

Mischief Night: New & Selected Poems Roddy Lumsden

Collected Poems -- Derek Mahon

Landing Light -- Don Patterson

Portrait of My Lover as a Horse -- Selima Hill

Talking to My Body -- Anna Swir

Crafty Green Poet said...

You must read all of Margaret Attwoods poetry because each of her poems is perfect, deep and beautiful. A must read collection os Responsibility to Awe by Rebecca Elson, who died tragically young a few years ago. Her poetry is stunning and manages to combine science with emotion and beauty and the true meaning of life. Another must read poet (though I don't know which collection to recommend) is Ruth Padel, who writes with great passion about the natural world and love.