Wednesday, October 18, 2006


oh yes, that weekend has done me a world of good! i feel energised, and am kind of happy with vienna, and being in vienna, more than last week, or the weeks before. autumn is still beautiful - blue, blue skies, sunshine, and though the mornings are getting chilly, it is warm during the day, up to 20C (68F)! if only it could last ... but, life is good.

* * *

speaking of the festival:

john siddique is sharing his vienna photos with everyone. there are a couple of pics in which you can find me, too, at his workshop, looking for the muse. *G*

a few pics can already be viewed at the vienna lit website. (and yes there is one of me, but, well, there are better. somewhere. *L*)

* * *

i have almost finished reading the vienna:views anthology (and enjoyed the different takes on "my" city), but have only dipped into john siddique's the prize, and not even opened kristy bowen's archer avenue or corey mesler's short story. (thanks for swapping chapbooks!)

music of the day: vienna by ultravox. what else.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Very cool pics, Michi! You look like such a serious POET. Glad your muse is alive and well - you are totally rocking this round of 30/30!

Lauren Mitchell said...

Cool pics! I'm glad the festival was so much fun!