Friday, October 27, 2006

in the sun & in the mail

vienna has been glorious this october. it's just breath-taking. all the colours. the picture-book blue sky. day after day. and it's been so warm too! today people were sunbathing in shorts and t-shirts - 25C (77F)!

i'd been feeling poorly the last few days, so i could not come out hiking yesterday (national holiday), but this afternoon i could not wait to finish work and go for a walk on donauinsel (the artificial island in the danube). i cross the danube twice every day, going to and from work, and although i am always reading on the train, i look up every time we come to the river. it's been wonderful to watch the colours change lately.

i took my time walking, i sat in the sunshine down by the river, and i took lots of pictures, some of which i simply must share with you (click to enlarge, esp aardman & mcclam):

for more, visit my yahoo photo album.

being optimistic, i went to my place after the walk, to pick up mail, and double yay! frank matagrano's chapbook There Is Nothing to Love about Los Angeles has arrived! and - a surprise from the naugh... one-track-mi lovely ms nag! goodness knows why she thought of sending me a publication called From Porn to Poetry 2 - Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind, but i am sure she meant well. she just assumes everybody is like her. thank you, darleneg, for what i suspect might be a belated wedding present. :)

speaking of clean sheets and dirty minds - temperatures over at the itws forum have not only been rising, but soaring. steve's cabin feels like a sauna, and my newly, um, erected cabin is already steaming up like a tropical rain forest. i can't believe what's been going on. i can, however, believe that as soon as something WAS going on, *i* was in the midst of it all ... it's been the most fun week i have ever had there. it is contagious. really. ask arlington. or mcnate. i don't know which of the two is worse.

oh and yes, we are still writing poetry, too. *nodding vigorously* i am on day 18 of round 8 today, but if it weren't for reports, i don't know whether i would have lasted. sometimes i feel like a duracell bunny, i swear. i keep going and going and going although i'd much rather drop dead. *L*

viii.12 - Report without a voice
viii.13 - Report with pink sky
viii.14 - Report - Still Life With Poetry
viii.15 - report with dry spell
viii.16 - report with jarring sound
viii.17 - poem with possibilities and uncertain outcome
viii.18 - cabin fever

song of the day: the maid needs a maid by emily haines & soft skeleton.


Arlene said...

thank you for the photos, musktrap. they were very engrossing.

great to see the book got there safe and sound. no dirty fingerprints of your postman on the shiny cover? unbelievable.

hahaha! the title of that song just tickles me silly. wonder what it sounds like.

off to go driving!

Liz said...

Much enjoyed the photos Michi. We've got sparkling sunshine here today and it is so uplifting after 2 days of rain.

Re: 'duracell bunny' :) ¡Viva Reports! Keep going, you're doing great.