Saturday, October 14, 2006

in the last 24 hours, i've had

stress ~ less than four hours of sleep ~ a slice of cake ~ the welcome opportunity to speak English ~ trouble to finish a poem ~ a text message from arlene ~ to overcome my nervousness and shyness ~ lovely feedback from a student ~ two taxi rides ~ compliments ~ fun at work ~ very little to eat ~ love ~ ca 60 pairs of eyes on me ~ a bit of a reconciliation with vienna ~ seven emails from people i know ~ an EFL workshop ~ a couple of lovely chats ~ to answer the question "what do you do for a living?" five times ~ poetry ~ doubts ~ a violent attack of the jitters ~ encouraging words about my poetry ~ the chance to meet new people, many of them poets/writers ~ a glass of red wine ~ my first (and very inspirational) poetry workshop (with john siddique) ~ lust ~ stomach problems ~ to step up on a stage ~ spotlights on me ~ an adrenalin high ~ three native speakers tell me that i have no accent ~ reason to congratulate someone ~ john siddique sign his book for me ~ fun ~ inspiration ~ someone tell me they care about me ~ giddiness ~ applause ~ to sign my chapbook for someone i'd just met ~ a few moments when i felt strong, beautiful, centered ~ sunshine

sometimes it just hits me how much i love this life.

(and you?)

this morning, enhanced.

music of the day: more than i can bear by matt bianco.


Arlene said...

oh yesssss! life just gets bedder and bedder. i think you had all this on friday the 13th, too?

by the way, did you ever get your copy of arabesques review? someone wrote me asking about them... i was addressed as "dear jude". some people are unbelievable.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Yes, life can be pretty darn good. Today we took our girls to swimming lessons and later visited a pumpkin farm. These moments are so fleeting, I want to wrap them in cellophane and keep them forever. Love the photo! You look very erudite.

michi said...


no never got it. i am about to send them another mail and tell them to give me my money back. last time (months ago) they actually had the decency to agree with me when i told them they were very unprofressional (in these words!).


it worked then. i was aiming for that ... *L*

seriously though, i agree. and this "i love life" came to me on the tram somewhere, even though i have had a pretty sleepless 2 weeks, and am so totally shattered, and even though certain things are very difficult at the moment. i have had a good few days. am about to blog about the lit fest anyway.

thanks for stopping by, ladies!

m x

John said...

Hi Michi

home now, thank you so much for all your kindness in your blog, it was great to meet you, Vienna, and the lovely people I met at the festival have quite spun me around. to be honest I'm quite blown away with everyone's loveliness.

stay in touch


ps, please send me yr email address, or address, as you know i'd rather recieve write letters.