Wednesday, September 13, 2006

today, i have been

a night owl ~ an absent daughter ~ a silent sister ~ a faraway grand-daughter ~ a part-time wife ~ a poet ~ a reader ~ a looker-on ~ a passer-by ~ a listener ~ a picker-up of overthrown pots ~ a singer-along ~ a non-teaching teacher ~ a receiver of an acceptance note ~ a customer ~ a photographer ~ a woman ~ a girl ~ a deleter of junk mail ~ a worrier ~ a viewer of newborn-fanny pics ~ a blogger ~ a dreamer ~ a wannabe hiker ~ a sun worshipper ~ a procrastinator
tired ~ quiet ~ unfocused ~ solitary ~ creative ~ weak ~ honest ~ indecisive ~ calm ~ relaxed ~ frustrated ~ happy ~ interested ~ concentrated ~ uncharitable ~ prejudiced ~ right ~ wrong ~ confirmed in some opinions ~ critical ~ hopeful ~ thirsty ~ self-conscious ~ a little melancholy ~ full ~ attentive ~ surprised
and aware of the fact that what looks like still-summer, is not quite that anymore. it's in the cool evenings, the four a.m. chill, the smell of the wind, the quality of afternoon light, the colour of berries on bushes.

lotta's newborn daughter fanny

this afternoon at wienerberg

song of the day: didn't leave nobody but the baby by gillian welch, alison krauss & emmylou harris (o brother where art thou OST)


jim said...

great song....

Sharon Hurlbut said...

One of my all-time favorite songs. It's sexy and soothing at the same time.

I love your lists. You're a very well-rounded individual, Michi! And that baby? SWEET. Almost makes me feel those baby pangs again.

michi said...

sharon - there are some things missing from the list today: i spent the day alone, my husband had left for work before i woke up, and he is not back yet. i did not talk to any friends either. i am not working this week. so, usually, there would also be: a friend, a wife, chatty, funny, a caller, a clown (esp with my husband). maybe some other time.

fanny, yes, she looks sweet. shame i cannot visit her. she lives in northern sweden ...

thanks for stopping by & hope you feel better.


jim, thanks for visiting. i added you to my links.

Cheryl said...

This is a really interesting post. Not the standard fare...:) So thanks for the read.

Arlene said...

the baby's so cute! can't wait to have another niece/nephew in march.

you looked really *good* behind bars. i keep wondering: why did you leave your natural habitat?


megalopoet said...

your list is far better than any i'd dare-- although i've been, and am, a few of those myself (although i rarely admit it).

DAT BABY is dee-vine. oooh, and they smell good, too. or so I've been told.

keep trip-posting: i'm adoring the sense of euro-travel. and have to agree with arlene per the above...

and keep on with posting your *photbz*'s. i like the visuals.

SarahJane said...

Hi michi,
like your list of "beings."
and i love babies! so thanks