Monday, September 11, 2006

should i know better ...

... than to start another round of 30/30 at ITWS? i don't know what got into me. the forum is very busy these days, seems like everybody is there - including arlene, sarah, lauren, and sharon. (nate, where are you??)

i started with an ekphrastic poem - inspired by an untitled basquiat painting:

into the fire

midday draws smoky covers over one
solitary eye, melts colours on a grand
palette. a house wants to tilt left, sink
sighing to its knees. overhead, a hole
in the sky replaces languid birds.

clumsy letters scream on dark walls:
there is no deliverance. children have
abandoned them, forgotten to arrange
their spindly arms and vampire's teeth
in tidy formulae. ladders lead nowhere.

behind them, fire coaxes bats from
secret roosts; its breath spreads heavy
blankets over insects in their little sleep.
a man in ragged clothes walks towards
flames, his hat about to burst into wings.

really not sure how long i will last this time. i may not be working right now, but i will be working quite a bit starting next week, and then we'll see. it's just that i hate giving up once i have started. so far, i have not had to quit early.

watched the us open of course. federer is just a league of his own. ah. how effortless he makes it look. austrian junior tamira paszek made it to the girls' finals, lost to the #1 seed in a close match (6:3, 4:6, 5:7). one to watch!

song of the day: since i have been living in the 80s today, it's cock robin - the promise you made


Arlene said...

yay, you're back!!! hope you'll stick around until october. maybe we ought to do the collab thing while we're both there now. whatcha think? should we be serious or wacky?


michi said...
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michi said...

*ROFLMAO* serious?? as in ... not wacky??

umm. do i want to see this totally unknown side of ms ang?

we should post our letter opus. we'd score extra points for being totally out of it. *L*

let's email about it.

j.d. bilf

nate said...

Well, Michi, to answer your question, I'm just not sure how long I'll last (a man's worst answer ever), but I'm working up the nerve. Good thing you guys have to say something positive about the work!

What's this I hear: You and Arlene, hooking up for a collab? Should be interesting... can I watch? I promise, you won't even know I'm there... Hahahahahaha!

word verification: fiskk, which is either Arlene's infamous *tsk*, or a command for someone to be *frisked*. I guess I let you decide. :-)

michi said...

nate - *lmao* now stop working up that nerve and get going. or write a poem about getting up the nerve. or a poem about lasting longer. you can call it duracell.

arlene and i are considering a collaboration, though neither of us is quite sure the world is ready for that. i would offer you a collaboration, but then, this is sooo scary that you would never work up the nerve to accept.

fisk is fish in swedish. so fiskk is probably two fish.

nate said...

That "duracell" thing is actually not a bad idea... I may try that on for size...

Arlene said...

nate... RONFLMAO!!! what do you mean by you may try that on for size? incidently, the "dura" in duracell means both long-lasting and —erm— hard. hihihi.

uh, michi and i have agreed to use visual aids. you can watch us as long as we can watch you.


michi said...

yeah right, nate. really, what did you mean? where i come from, duracells are batteries! tsk tsk.

armeline, have you been writing naughty stuff again? if so - keep at it. *giggle*

and oh yes, the visual aids. i got them. left the shop with big sunglasses on, and a huge brown bag. *shhhh*