Sunday, September 24, 2006

on 24 09 2006,

i have a pretty horrible, nearly sleepless night - which means i am not having the best of days either.

two people i know celebrate their birthday (i hope they do).

austrian qualifier tamira paszek wins her first wta tour title in portoroz at the age of 15 years and 9 months, beating maria elena camerin of italy 7:5, 6:1.

i have a headache.

the sun is shining, but it is terribly windy.

the last (rather tiny) pepper of the season on our balcony is bright red.

three morning glories bloom, tilting bright blue heads towards the sun.

i write a poem called zebra in b flat major. don't ask where such things come from.

sarah finishes her second round of 30 poems.

i am halfway through my seventh round of 30/30.

i finish three witches by terry pratchett and start reading haruki murakami's kafka on the shore.

a shrill sound from somewhere on the street is driving me crazy.

song of the day: happy hawaii by abba (stuck in my head since yesterday. it's starting to get on my nerves ...)


jenni said...

I am out of sorts when I don't get enough sleep. Sorry to hear you are/were feeling bad. Hope you're feeling better.

I love abba!

*dancing queen . . . take a chance on me . . . knowing me knowing you . . .breaking up is never easi i know but i haaaaaaave toooo goooo . . .*

thanks. that just made me smile and i needed it.

lorguru said...

this post reads a bit like a poem!
Hope you get some sleep soon!
Take care,

Arlene said...

hey you,

hobe you're feeling bedder tobay — cold and dall.

that screech in the street that was driving you crazy last sunday was probably me driving. really wished you were there with me.